Petition Closed

It’s shameful. 

Since the government shutdown, five American service members have given their lives in Afghanistan. But their families will not receive their $100,000 death gratuity from the Pentagon because of political games in Washington. Our country is failing our men and women in uniform. 

With the shutdown in place for over a week now, our brave veterans and their families are being hurt in many ways.

•  VA has suspended vital services.

•  National Guard drills are being cancelled in many states, affecting critical troop readiness and pay.

•  The Pentagon can’t pay $100,000 in death gratuity benefits to grieving families. 

Yes, you heard that right. Politicians are still receiving paychecks, but our government is unable to provide the money to support the families of warriors killed in action. 

This is a very stressful time for millions of vets and their families. Sign the petition now and tell Washington to keep our veterans out of their political nonsense. 

Letter to
Elected Officials in Washington
Stop Hurting Our Troops and Veterans

The federal government has been shut down for over a full week now, and our brave veterans and their families are caught in the middle. From suspending vital VA services, to National Guardsmen and Reservists having their training drills cancelled, to the Pentagon’s inability to pay death gratuity benefits to the families of fallen, our troops and veterans are hurting. Please sign the petition today and tell Washington to protect our men and women in uniform from their ridiculous political games.