Stop Wars Now!

Stop Wars Now!

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Why this petition matters

Asian Peace CONFERENCE DEMANDED IMMEDIATE STOPPAGE of the Russia-Ukraine WAR and passed the following resolution

This conference resolves to call upon the Russian and Ukrainian Governments to immediately stop the war, cease hostilities and return to strengthen the negotiations to find a non-military path to peace between the two countries. We call upon the NATO allies to stop fueling the fires by arming Ukraine, and instead, genuinely help the process of ceasefire towards permanent peace in the area.


An Asian peace conference was held under the aegis of World Humanist Forum, Asia through a video conference today on 3 April 2022.

In a rising consciousness of Humanists, the Gandhians and similar-minded speakers and participants from India, Pakistan, the ASIAN PEACE CONFERENCE DEMANDED IMMEDIATE STOPPAGE OF Russia-Ukraine WAR AND COME BACK TO NEGOTIATION TABLE TO RESOLVE ALL ISSUES SOLELY THROUGH DISCUSSIONS.

Mr. P. V. Rajagopal, noted Gandhian and Chairman of Ekta Prishad: The lens of Non-violence should be added to all facets of governance and government projects, education and administration should be trained in dialogue with people. He also maintained that a special portfolio of Peace be created in every cabinet at the Center and State level.

Mrs. Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, Chairperson, National Gandhi Museum and grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi: She emphasized that cultural exchange through music, language, arts, literature, food etc, would foster friendship. She talked about peace with constructive responsibility, and the need of minds to be without violence.

Mr. Tony Robinson, Humanist Peace & Nonviolence Activist: Not only nuclear arms have the potential of destroying the planet, but even the nuclear power stations that are about 24 in India have the potential of causing radiation resulting in serious radiation causing serious food crisis. Arms race has happened because of importance of money and neglect of human being. Out of around 200 nuclear arms each with India & Pakistan, even if just 50 are used on each side, the whole planet would be destroyed.

Mr. Kumar Ketkar, Distinguished Journalist & Member of Indian Parliament: The theatre of war can be Asia. Asian countries should wake upto it and not fall in the trap of western military industrial complex. Ultimately people have to pressurize governments not to adopt the path of armed conflicts.

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Srilanka: People in South-Asia have nonviolence action tradition and that is being seen in the current economic-social crisis in Srilanka also. And people will cultivate the spiritual tendencies and definitely bring about peace. Politicians have neglected the spiritual dimension and failed the people, thus bringing about this crisis.

Dr. Prof. Shamsuddin Tamboli, Muslim Satyashodkak Mandal: Though all religions value humanist brotherhood and fraternity , it is the so-called custodians of religions who, while preaching peace, actually promote discrimination.

Dr. Chaminda Padmakumara, HOD, Department of International Relations, Colombo University: That peace is not just the absence of war but provision of human security. Human security is primarily freedom from fear, from want and from indignity. The need for Human Security is not only material but also Psychological.

Mr. Antonio Carvallo, a Humanist since 1969 and now core part of World Humanist Forum, Asia: concluded it is the quest of money, power and prestige which has created this system of discrimination and violence. Violence is no only physical but also economical, racial, gender, moral, religious, psychological. And the worst of internal violence when people are driven to frustrations.

There is a lot of material by Silo created over 40 years that is available to study and practice to overcome violence within and around oneself.

War is a crime against humanity and must be banned across the world by all and not resorted to under any circumstances. War cannot be a justification for any reason whatsoever and all issues need to be resolved solely through discussions.

We request your support to send a clear voice of opposition to all parties to wars everywhere, starting with the Russia-Ukraine war.



108 have signed. Let’s get to 200!