Stop Voting for Abortion!

Stop Voting for Abortion!

November 2, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Statement (to sign please): "We who sign this boycott promise to never vote in any election or referendum in support of the legalization or continued legality of deliberate abortion, of any stage of human pregnancy: not even if all the options on the ballot are so.  However we will vote in defence of pre-born human life, if the option is offered, even if we have to check the Election Authority's list to investigate all the options on the ballot however unpopular."

Premise: People of eternal accountability have a moral need to keep ourselves innocent of the atrocity of deliberate abortion, by refusing to condone it in any way: including refusing to vote any kind of support for its legalization or Government funding.  Pro-life voting options are often offered to voters, but have not often had equal or even any coverage in the News, creating a false perception that either pro-life options don't exist, or that they cannot win.  Yet even if we fail to actually protect the innocent, we will not fail to keep ourselves innocent of their blood, if we consistently find and vote for pro-life options, if and when they are offered on the ballot by the election authority, as a priority issue for us, whether or not these options are even mentioned in the News.

Resources: Please check the Election Authority (usually mentioned on your voter's card) to see all your options each election, and investigate them, before voting day.  Don't allow the News to arbitrarily narrow your view of the options.

Background (last updated 30 June, 2023):

It is more important to recognize atrocities of today than atrocities of the past because of the opportunity to stop the ones of today.  Our society should be concerned about identifying the atrocities of today, however disguised or hidden.  Only when we learn to identify and stop atrocities before or during their happening can and must we make a difference on those issues.  At least we have an individual obligation to counter any socially approved atrocity with our vote: it's easy, free, and our duty.

It is of particularly worthy focus for us to recognize and vote against the atrocity of deliberate abortion.  Our society has been extremely confused and cruel to allow deliberate abortion to be categorized as healthcare, unborn human children to be considered not belonging to the human species, and mothers to kill them for any reason or no reason, even minors making this decision without their parents' consent, and governments not only permitting it, but some of them using public money to pay for it and public law enforcement to criminalize protest against it. 

The death toll is an astounding river of blood, dwarfing all other deliberate holocausts we know of.  According to the the Guttmacher Institute, on average 73 million induced abortions were performed in the world per year during 2015 to 2019.  That death toll far exceeds the average annual death toll of World War 2 (13 million people per year, including all military and civilians) by over five times, yet, as a society overall, not only have we have failed to stop this bloodshed, but major political parties seem to not offer voters the option to criminalize abortion anymore.

Whether we can stop it or not, our minimum individual moral obligation is to avoid all forms of condoning it.  While acknowledging that we definitely need to make the right decision if this issue comes to us directly in our personal lives, all voters have an obligation to defend life in the political arena: at the very least to not give our consent, express or implied, for the approval of this killing, not even if all the options we are offered support it.

It is necessary to found any exposition of abortion with definitions of words relating to it, a misunderstanding of which has allowed the pro-abortion movement to trick many reasonable people into agreement and support:
1. The word 'child' includes the pre-born in its dictionary definition. In fact, 'child' is the most correct single word we can use to describe a pre-born human.
2. The words 'embryo' and 'fetus' are biological terms which are used to describe pre-born life, the difference between them being only their reference to earlier ('embryo') and later ('fetus') stages.  The mistake in using them to refer to pre-born human life is that these terms are for any organism in the animal kingdom of biology. Although it may be scientifically acceptable to refer to pre-born human life with an animal term, legally it is effectively fatal to do so: implying animal status for a human strips these humans of human rights, including the right to life.  The pro-abortion movement capitalizes on this mistake of words, just as most other holocausts in history began with dehumanization of the human victims.  What other species can the developing organism be, in a human pregnancy, if not human?  To submit to using non-human terminology for a human being makes you complicit in conceptually stripping that person of his or her human rights.
3. The word 'pregnant' is to have offspring developing within a female's body.  It's not something else inside her, or it wouldn't be pregnancy.
4. Pregnancy is a natural process of life-development, and is not a disease to cure.
5. The word 'conception' means beginning: in this case the beginning of human life.
6. The term 'products of conception' is used to refer to all tissue related to the pregnancy, including: the child's body, the umbilical cord, and the placenta.
7. The word 'homicide' is a term referring to killing of one human by another.
8. The word 'murder' is problematic to use alone to describe abortion, because it has both a moral and legal connotation.  Legally, murder means only an illegal form of homicide.  Morality deliberate abortion is murder in the moral sense of being morally unjustifiable homicide.  Abortion is moral murder but not always legal murder.  Morality is eternal while law is the arbitrary choice of whoever is in charge.
9. The word 'assassination' is a most accurate word to refer to abortion, since it refers to homicide which is a) premeditated, b) secretive, and c) a paid service, all of which are typical for deliberate abortion.
10. The term 'health care' refers to restorative processes for the body or mind.  Deliberate abortion should not be permitted to be referred to as 'health care' or 'women's health', which wording helps legitimize and support it with restorative medicine.  Abortion doesn't restore life: it destroys life.  It's time we wake up and realize that a physician who induces abortion acts contrary to the Hippocratic oath of physicians, where it says, "I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion".  The oath also says the penalty for breaking it: "So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate."
11. Abortion is often touted as a 'right' which is a word which has both moral and legal connotations.  Making something legal makes it a legal right, but not morally right.  Beware.
12. Partial-birth abortion is a late-term abortion where a fully developed living child is killed just before the child is entirely removed from the woman's body.  It has been done to kill children in jurisdictions where the child is not legally recognized as a human until completely out of the woman's body.  Video: Partial-Birth Abortion Procedure With Real Instruments - Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video.

Here are relevant facts about pregnancy:
1. Human pregnancy is the development of one or more (usually one) distinct human life inside the female body, in preparation for their birth.
2. The normal gestation term is approximately 9 months (40 weeks).
3. 'Conception', is the fusion of the father's sperm cell and mother's egg cell (called 'fertilization') into a genetically distinct new living human body, which grows wondrously to slowly manifest an adult human form, which process continues after birth.  It is important to note that the human body has a different physical form depending on its age, but remains human throughout.
4. Human life begins at conception, ie. fertilization of the egg by sperm, because:
i) that's what the word means
ii) conception is the first point at which the unique DNA of the new child exists in one place in a whole living being, and
iii) the fertilized egg represents the earliest stage of development of a whole and living human being.
iv) there is a physical spark of light at the moment of fertilization
5. The development of life from a single cell to a healthy born baby is arguably the greatest wonder of the living world.
6. The child's heart can begin beating as early as 16 days after conception.
7. The developing child's body is not the mother's body, but only inside the mother's body.
8. Children developing in the womb do not need to be carried to full gestation to be independently viable (able to survive independently outside of their mother's body): this begins at 20 weeks of gestation, with chance of successful viability increasing the longer they are left in the womb (until full term of course).  It is very important to understand that even if a mother chooses to evict the developing child from her body, beyond 20 weeks gestation she need not kill the child to do so, and doing so clearly proves the intent to kill rather than only stop carrying the child.
9. At what point the child becomes conscious is uncertain (partly because our science doesn't know what consciousness is).  Even so, children in the womb are known to respond to stimuli and remember it after being born.  Clearly the child is conscious at some point before being fully born.
11. If threatened, the pre-born child is in a most vulnerable position: completely dependent on others to advocate for his or her defense (the defense was supposed to be the mother's body).  The child cannot vote, cannot complain, cannot run, cannot hide (more than already), and usually cannot even scream (the child's vocal cords being bathed in liquid). If directly attacked, the child can thrash around, but that can usually only be seen with an ultrasound, such as we see in the documentary, The Silent Scream or as depicted in the following animation based on a real-life testimony:

12. Sex is a choice.  Assuming rape is a crime, a woman is allowed choice concerning pregnancy in choosing whether or not to have sex.  Sex being a reproductive act of the reproductive organs, it is irresponsible to deny the consequence.
13. Choice cannot exist without responsibility, and the responsibility in having sex has been ignored by our society.
14. It is a cruel feature of society to see pregnancy as a curse rather than a blessing.

Here are truths regarding abortion:
1. Any 'abortion' is a premature termination of pregnancy in a way in which a previously living child dies and is removed from the woman's body.
2. An abortion can be 'spontaneous' (involuntary, done by the mother's body, such as due to a critical genetic abnormality in the child), or 'induced' (a deliberate medical intervention to kill and remove the child from the mother's body).
3. Induced (or 'deliberate') abortions are classified as either 'therapeutic' (deemed medically necessary based on the health of the mother or child) or 'elective' (chosen by the mother for any other reason).
4. The range of aspects of a pregnant woman's health which might be used as legal justifications for a therapeutic abortion are so extremely broad (eg. physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and age), and so subjective (in the case of psychological) that, in practice, any abortion can easily be classified as medically necessary.
5. There is no such thing as a biological need to artificially terminate a pregnancy.  It is a ruse to justify abortion by portraying it as helpful or at least as deemed necessary by people with superior knowledge you're supposed to trust.
6. Of induced abortions, they can be either medical (induced by pills) or surgical (induced by physical invasion).  Morally they are the same.
7. Induced abortion has often been medically funded, such as from government and insurance companies, even when other necessary medical procedures are not funded.  For example, in Ontario, Canada, abortion is fully government-funded (both the drug and surgical kinds) while an optometrist eye exam (such as for glasses) is not covered for adults aged 20 to 64.
8. Surgical abortion is brutally violent, so cruel that it would typically be criminal to use on an animal.  Dismemberment of the child in the womb, either by vaccuum (first trimester D & C abortion) or manually dismembered by Sopher clamp (second trimester D & E abortion), are the conventional methods.
9. Another kind of abortion induces the delivery of the child alive, to extract organs alive (vivisection) and without anesthetic, for the freshest and least chemically contaminated  organs to harvest (explanatory video here).  This is done for trafficking, even to government, for use in medical research, or in vaccine production.  Sometimes the children procured from abortions are mutilated or tormented, while still alive, for medical reseaerch including organ harvesting, and/or in horrifying experiments. In such cases the cause of death is removal of the child's organs.
10. Government oversight of abortion clinics has been shown to sometimes operate at a far lower standard for abortion clinics than for hospitals, presumably for political reasons, permitting some clinics to operate in extremely unsanitary (and therefore medically dangerous) ways.
11. If something goes wrong in an abortion procedure at an abortion clinic, the time it takes to get to a hospital can kill, and it's against the incentive of the clinic to attract attention or outside medical scrutiny.
12. Even where there are legal limits to the age of the child for an abortion to be performed, often the abortionist is the only one who makes the determination, and can write down any age they decide in practice, to legalize it.  It's not like someone is going to verify the gestational age of the bodyparts afterwards.
13. Once a child exists, at any stage of development, he or she cannot cease to exist on a spiritual level: not even if physically destroyed.  A pregnant woman can reasonably expect to meet the child again in the next life, even in the case of abortion.  If you didn't permit the child to be born, don't expect the meeting to be a happy one.
14. There are cases of emergency medics rescuing babies alive out of pregnant women who were shot or otherwise killed.  The knowledge of how to remove a baby from a pregnant woman's body is necessary, but it should be used to save and not destroy life.
15. MANY women regret choosing abortion, recognizing it too late as a termination of their child's life.  Some of these stories can be found at the Silent No More Awareness Campaign website.
16) Deliberate abortion introduces an unnecessary major health risk for the mother.  Both medical and surgical abortions carry serious physical risks for the body of the pregnant woman who undergoes them, including possible loss of the ability to bear any children in the future.  Pregnant women need to realize that abortion is not safe, and although having a baby is a big life change, so is having a colonostomy, breast cancer, or dying, as a result of attempting an induced abortion.  The life you take in abortion might be your own, or the baby you abort might be the last baby you could have ever had.

Here are some of the legal issues concerning abortion:
1) Morality (what is fair), is different from what is legal (what is permitted by our society's laws). 
Morality is infinitely more important than legality, because it is eternal: our individual understanding of it may change (and should improve), but there is an absolute standard of it, if we can find it, which never changes. 
In contrast, laws change with the whim of whoever is in charge, and although they should be based on morality, they are not necessarily so.  Sometimes the same behaviour is made legal or illegal and then legal again depending on the whims of the current government.
2) For a society to be peaceful, it's laws must be moral.  Morality is based on respect for others, which put another way, is peacefulness.  There can be no world peace as long as deliberate abortion continues: that slaughter itself is great violence.
3) Our justice system can only fail to produce morally good results if our laws are morally corrupt, since the law enforcement system it only 'upholds the law'. 
4) The abortion issue tests our society in the following ways:
i) our definition of human life
ii) our tolerance for cruelty of methods
iiI) our mental ability to hold what definitely happens behind closed doors to be just as real as what is done in front of our eyes
iv) our commitment to defending the innocent
v) our priorities when we vote
5) Denying human rights for any human threatens human rights for all humans.  This dignity is afforded in Article 6 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where it says, "Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law".   This article is in place because de-humanization has been used to open the door to legally justifying the greatest atrocities in history, such as the Rwandan genocide (where Tutsi's were called 'cockroaches') or the Jewish Holocaust (where Jews were not considered 'persons' before the law) on the argument that anyone not a person has no human rights.  For example, in the historical drama Schindler's List (1993), the villain Nazi officer Amon Goeth tells his Jewish slave (Helen Hirsch), that she's "not a person", shortly before he brutally beats her for no reason at all. We must insist that all humans, including pre-born ones, remain 'persons' before the Law.
6) Losing the right to life renders all other human rights meaningless in practice.
7) The developing life inside the pregnant mother must be legally recognized as a human person, because:
i) Whether someone is alive or human has nothing to do with whether they are inside or outside of anything, such as a womb.
ii) Biology has already decided specific criteria for identifying life of any kind at any stage. The biology of it is that human life begins at conception.
8) Not only have we refused to recognize pre-born human children as such, but we have not even recognized them at least as animals, which would have won them animal-welfare protections, such as protections from inhumane slaughter or hunting limits.  Typically, where hunting and abortion are both legal, it's usually much more difficult to legally kill a wild animal than to kill your own pre-born child.
9) Deliberate abortion shouldn't be a secret, because excessive secrecy fosters cruelty.  Next of kin should be informed of an abortion decision, preferably before the fact, just as they would in any other family death.  If the concealment is due to shame, we should ask ourselves what the shame is and why.
10) A woman typically is permitted to have an abortion on her decision alone, but is required to obtain the father's signature also for the much kinder option of adoption.  Obtaining that signature for adoption might prove difficult or impossible. In other words, some children are likely dying just because of how much easier we've made the paperwork to get an abortion than put the child up for adoption.

Here are arguments for deliberate abortion to be criminalized:
1) Induced abortion irreversibly destroys a unique and innocent human life, and all of the potential and purpose that life had.  This directly harms both the child and the purposes of the Creator who put the child there.
2) The potential social harms of abortion goes far beyond the unborn child, affecting: the child (who the abortion aims to kill), the father (who may not want his child killed), the grandparents, other relatives, and the entire society which condones it (by blood guilt).  Our society should be protecting all those people also.
3) Social peace depends on seeing all human life as valuable enough to protect with the Law.  As Saint Theresa of Calcutta put it, "The greatest destroyer of peace today is the crime of the innocent unborn child.  If a mother can murder her own child in her own womb, what is left for you and for me to kill each other?". See from at least from the 9 minute mark:

4) Abortion has catastrophic spiritual consequences for the society which supports it, which spring up out of the regional blood-guilt.  For example, killing their children was why God in the Old Testament of the Bible was angry with both the Canaanites and His own Hebrews at the same time.  Here is Psalm 106 verses 37-40 ( KJV):

[37] Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils,
[38] And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.
[39] Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.
[40] Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.

Even if our society won't defend the innocent for their sake, our society should at least protect itself from the society-wide disasters which result from the guilt of social approval of deliberate abortion. In particular, there is a worry at present that God may permit (not cause, just not stop) nuclear war as a punishment for the river of innocent blood Western society has condoned in abortion.
5) Induced abortion degrades womanhood by turning a woman's body into a kind of slaughterhouse rather (than a wellspring of life).
6) Abortion devalues women through devaluing their children.  Society does not allow abortions where it values the life of the mother enough.  For example, Adolf Hitler absolutely forbade any Aryan woman to have an abortion, but forced many non-Aryan women to have abortions.  Many people see a special focus on promoting abortion today among racial minorities, even calling it, for example, a black genocide.
7) We must not allow killing someone to be seen as the best or acceptable solution to any problem.
8) We must not allow the Pre-born child to be punished for living.
9) The Law is needed to keep the responsibility for the situation on the one who is responsible, rather than the more vulnerable and innocent party.
10) Any human making laws was themselves once pre-born and is themselves proof that pre-born human lives are human and therefore merit legal protections as humans.
11) Our laws should place extra emphasis on protecting innocents who cannot speak for themselves.
12) The Pre-born need a defender and that should be the Law as it should be for all innocents.
13) If fathers have responsibilities for the children they sire they must also have rights concerning them.  In no way should a woman be permitted to destroy a child against the father's consent.
14) If fathers have responsibilities for the children then so do mothers.
15) Pregnancy is not rape.  The reasons for which deliberate abortions have been sought are almost always frivolous, not the extreme case of rape which has been used to weaken pro-life resolve and spearhead access for all abortions.  Even so, we should not allow deliberate abortion even for rape, because two wrongs don't make a right, and it's a basic principle of our laws that we don't execute anyone for the sins of their Father. 
16) The argument that abortion should be permitted for cases of rape implies that abortion for rape is an act of vengeance.
17) Where inconvenience is offered as a reason for abortion, it must not be accepted as a reason to kill another human being.
18)  They child's body is not the mother's body but entrusted to the mother.  She has moral right to the One who entrusted her, to care for the child but not to destroy it.  Similarly you're not permitted to kill someone who comes to your door, just because they're on your property, whether you invited them or not.
19) We need to protect the potential in society for each child to contribute.  The notion that children are only a burden on society is wrong: rather they are our greatest resource.  All of the technology, songs, literature, and even laws we enjoy today we have through some human who conceived them.  Some of the greatest contributors to our society, including Moses and Jesus, were survivors of attempts to end their lives immediately after being born (which we can take as the ancient approximation of abortion).  Some famous people alive today came close to being aborted.  Someone might say that the things one person contributes can just as easily be done by someone else. That's not true: for example, many technologies of the past are known to be lost to us today, never being reinvented despite us knowing the end products of it.  People are not interchangeable: everyone has a unique contribution to make which is permanently lost in abortion.
20) Assuming no coercion in the decision, deliberate abortion is the worst possible failure of maternal love.  In nature, mammalian mothers are typically willing to endure any sacrifice to protect their offspring, such as with the real-life story of Scarlet the cat.  We have lost something of humanity if we condone deliberate abortion.
21) Deliberate abortion is often an unacceptable failure parternal love and responsibility.
22) Abortion legalization is the worst possible failure of political leadership: to promote dehumanization and slaughter to win votes.
23) If it is illegal to kill a born baby, then it should be just as illegal to kill the same child before birth. There is no fundamental biological difference between a pre-born and post-born child!
Apparently in recognition of the fact that there is no difference in the humanity of a child in or out of the womb, support for abortion has crept directly into support for infanticide, and this must not be permitted, not even with majority approval.
24) The criminalization of abortion protects not only children, but pregnant women, many of whom face tremendous direct pressure from other people or Government (eg. Chinese Government) to terminate their wanted pregnancy.  Coerced abortions are a huge abuse of women and common enough that more than half of women who have abortions report that they felt pressured by other people to have them; abortion legalization is an 'un-choice' for many women.
25) Allowing deliberate abortion to be legal makes satanic ritual child sacrifice legal because it is a ritual of devil-worship since ancient times.
26) Deliberate abortion is always child sacrifice: killing your own child for priorities (gods) which you believe are more important.
27) Although legalization of abortion might make it safer for the perpetrators, killing innocents doesn't need to be made legal, safe, or convenient for perpetrators.  There are some things we shouldn't be doing in the first place (like terrorism), so we don't need to make it safe for people to do, lest we help the wrong along.
28) If someone protected us while you were in the womb, then we owe it to protect someone else in the same vulnerable situation.
29) Children should not be allowed to give legally valid consent to abortion at an age considered too young to do things far less serious, such as drinking a beer.
30) How is deliberate abortion any less than any other form of child abuse?  What do we tell mothers of born children who don't want their child?
31) Abortion criminalization is necessary to protect the conscience-based human rights of medical professionals to refuse this destructive service.  For example, medical professionals (see here and here) have been under legal pressure to provide or at least refer for abortion services, even if it is directly against their moral or religious beliefs.
32) Allowing women to unilaterally decide if their child may live or die allows them to legally but immorally extort the father or anyone else who values the child's life, as this article illustrates.
33) The law already recognizes pre-born children as humans for other purposes.  Many jurisdictions which allow abortion also have laws which recognize that very same pre-born child as a victim if killed through violent crime, even if the assailant didn't know that the mother was pregnant.  For example, the 'Unborn Victims of Violence Act' of 2004 in the USA recognizes the unborn child (it doesn't use the word 'fetus' at all) as a victim if killed as a result of violent crime at any stage of that child's development (even from conception).  Similarly, in the preamble of its 1989 Convention on the Rights of a Child, the United Nations demands legal protections for "the child ... before as well as after birth".
34) No one should have the right to arbitrarily cancel someone else's recognition as human.  It shouldn't be acceptable that someone is charged for killing a preborn child depending only on whether the woman wanted the child killed or not.
35) Human identity is biological fact which shouldn't have been a debate.
36) Human rights must not be stripped from any human because historically that opens the door to the worst atrocities.
37) It's difficult to imagine greater evil worth criminalizing than killing your own defenceless child.
38) Historically, although humanity did something good by criminalizing slavery, we did something worse than that by legalizing deliberate abortion.
39) The right to be born should be established as the first human right, and the first manifestation of the right to life, which all other human rights depend on.
40) It is wrong to value one person's life (mother's) over another's (the preborn child's), upon which imbalance laws permitting abortion are based.
41) Having the right and ability to vote shouldn't be used to deny rights to those who do not.
42) We shouldn't expect to advance as a society if we can't recognize killing our own children as wrong.
43) We need moral progress in society more than technological progress.  We are better off living with simple tools in harmony than advanced technology and totalitarianism.
44) The moral limit to freedom is where it intrudes on the basic rights and freedoms of someone else.
45) The same health aspects protected for the mother (physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and age-related) should also be protected for the child in an abortion decision, a breach of which should represent criminal interference.
46) Our society has incorrectly framed the abortion decision about being whether the mother wants to have another child or not.  The fact is that the child already exists in the world; the decision is only how much care is due the child, and if we permit abortion, that decision is death.
47) Enlarging rights to kill is not the way we should be pursuing advancement as a society.
48) Science, especially medicine, without ethically-based legal restraints is horror.
49) Even if the developing child is deformed, that should not cancel their right to life, which arises from their humanity.  As an analogy, a disabled person is not any less human.
50) Since clinical death is defined as occurring when a person's heart stops, then clinical life should at least be considered to start when the child's heart does (as early as 16 days after conception).
51) If our laws actually defend evil, such as deliberate abortion, we have voided our moral right to self-govern.
52) There is no moral reason to kill a life which can be saved.  Adoption is an option, and at least once the child is old enough to be independently viable, killing that kind should be legal murder as much as it is moral murder.
53) To seek the criminalization of abortion should not be portrayed as unreasonable.  Abortion was illegal in the West until recently, and our society doesn't seem to hesitate to make many things illegal which do no harm (such as having your lawn grass longer than the legal limit).
54) Aborting a child is an obstruction of the divine plan.  Our society lays serious charges for obstructing a police officer; how much worse to obstruct our Creator!
55) Legalization of abortion leads inescapably into legalizing the killing of anyone: if the most innocent of us don't have the right to life then none of us do.  When you approve the killing of the pre-born, you fundamentally approve the legal killing of yourself also (unless you are somehow more innocent than an unborn child).  It's spiritual and moral suicide to have anything to do with deliberate abortion.

Here are other arguments against supporting deliberate abortion:
1) An abortion decision deserves the highest safeguards because it is irreversible and fatal.  That our Government would allow legal children to make an abortion decision, without involvement of their parents, is especially reckless.
2) If the child being aborted somehow survives the abortion, the mother may end up with a child deformed for life by her own doing.  Better than a dead child, but not good at all.  Wouldn't delivery be a happier outcome?
3) Abortion triggers catastrophic spiritual consequences for the all responsible, unless they make a sincere repentance.  Here is a testimony of a vision about a woman in Hell apparently due to a medical abortion.
4) Regarding the  'my body - my choice' pro-abortion slogan (which argument is that a woman should have the right to abort the child out of her body because it's inside her body), that argument fails on these levels:
i) The statement presents pregnancy as something forced on women. Is that true?
ii) There is no choice without responsibility, and the statement ignores the responsibility completely.  There is no such thing as irresponsible choice!
iii) The statement makes no distinction between blind and informed choices, as though choice matters but understanding doesn't.
iv) The father deserves a choice.
v) Voters ie. society also deserves a choice, especially when actively supporting it with public resources.
vi) Abortion is more about the child's body than the mother's body because the purpose behind all abortion methods is supposed to be to destroy the child with minimum harm to the mother's body.
vii) On a theological level, a mother's body is not absolutely hers. A woman's body is hers relative to other people, but not relative to the Creator.  There are limits to how much we should be allowed to interfere with our bodies against the Creator's intent.
5) The pregnancy of a young woman cannot be challenged by saying that she is too young to have a child. The answer is that if she's pregnant, her body has given proof that she's a biological adult, and she can't be too young to have a child but old enough to have an abortion, which is far more unnatural and dangerous.
6) As a society, we need to develop in morality, not just technology.  A society with high technology but low or inconsistent human rights is probably the worst type of society you might live under.
7) Abortion doesn't protect your future.  It destroys it in the longer term.  It's not just what you achieve in life that matters, but how you achieved it.
8) We must not allow the abortion issue to be out of mind just because the procedure is kept out of sight.  The Jews killed in Nazi Germany were mostly out of sight when slaughtered.
9) Ultimately, abortion legality and an abortion decision have nothing directly to do with what point life begins at.  They directly depend, instead, on what point love begins at.  In particular, abortion seems to rest on a premise that human life is a curse instead of a blessing.  Whichever we decide, that goes for all of us.
10) Deliberate abortion defies all of: Nature (which uses pregnancy to populate, and where animals usually protect their young), the Creator (who puts the life inside the mother), and even the 'Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection' (which relies on the drive to reproduce).  These are some powerful forces to go against, and the repercussions are not clear.
11) Deliberate abortion is a tremendous expression of selfishness: to be so proud that you will not allow any limitation of your freedoms, not even from killing your own child, while denying your child even the freedom to be born.
12) Much support for abortion is, unfortunately, uninformed support.  It is a sad reality of our democracy that although we are encouraged to vote, we are not encouraged to really understand what we're voting on.  For example, here are links to videos showing people with strong and outspoken 'pro-choice' views on abortion, but who quickly changed their minds when someone simply revealed to them what abortion actually was: first, second, third, fourth, fifth.  Should these people be voting or voicing life or death for someone else on an issue they don't even understand what it is?
13) Our society could save itself a whole lot of bloodshed, trouble, and costs if we promoted abstinence, or at least sexual responsibility, instead of abortion.  Nobody needs sex, although they do need love, and they are not the same nor do they even necessarily go together.
14) If abortion is something to be proud of, why is it considered offensive to expose the procedure or products?  Is it difficult because it's murder?  With the following graphic video, you can see how you feel about it: A view on abortion reality.
15) Deliberate abortion is a failure of gratitude for the gift of being able to reproduce. We are offended if someone refuses our gifts; how much more will our Creator be offended at refusing so precious a gift as another human life?
16) The pro-abortion movement doesn't seem to care about womens' safety in abortion procedures.  They seem far more focused on getting society to participate in maximum support of abortion than in investigating and prosecuting those responsible for abortions which ended in unnecessary harm for the woman.
17) The pro-abortion movement doesn't seem to care about choice, in that they seem to offer support for a choice to abort, even against all critics, but no support to protect women who want to keep their child from external pressures to abort.
18) Deliberate abortion is so destructive to human life, human rights, womanhood, and social innocence that its promotion may be an attack against humanity by some enemy element.

Here are truths about voting and abortion:
1. Abortion is always an election issue, even if not discussed, because it's not something the Government can ignore, but must take some policy position on (ie. it's legal or funded or not).
2. We are eternally accountable to our Creator for all of our decisions, not the least of which are our decisions for others, including voting.  No matter how secretly our ballot is cast it is no secret from God.  Be prepared to answer for it.
3. Voters have a moral responsibility for what our vote seems to support, whether explicitly (such as an election platform statement) or implicitly (such as the quiet continuance of something not mentioned in the election platform as an issue which implies no intent to change the present legislation on that issue).
4. If you're not given a referendum, it is, admittedly, difficult to express your wishes on many issues with one vote.  Voters need to prioritize issues, and protecting innocent human life should be at the top of the list (above personal issues, as a duty).
5) To know all of your voting options, you need to go beyond the News, which typically only covers a small subset of the options actually on the ballot.  Check with the election authority itself to see all the options.  You shouldn't be making a decision for society before you see all the options, anyway.
6) Please don't try to strategize your vote to sway the outcome, by only voting for someone who 'has a chance to win'.  Your responsibility is to vote for whomever you see as the best candidate, or whatever you see as the best policy, and the not to decide who wins the election.  Trying to control the overall outcome of the election wrongfully exceeds your authority and would take your vote from the person or policy you know deserves it most.  Voting only for the best forces a gradual evolution towards betterment.
7) If you're not provided with any pro-life voting option, realize that:
i) ensuring a failure of contrast between options (such as no pro-life candidates) can be a way that the Public is pressured to vote for a pro-abortion candidate, and
ii) it's not morally acceptable to vote for the option your conscience recognizes as evil just because it's the lesser evil.  Once you recognize something as evil, you betray your own morality to vote for it, even if you don't find a better option.  If you have no good option to vote for, then it's better not to vote or to deliberately spoil your ballot (some write in 'Jesus Christ' on their ballot).
8) If you overlook the abortion issue to pursue any other benefit, you probably won't even get that benefit, because:
a) you wouldn't morally or spiritually deserve it, and
b) any political candidate wicked enough to continue the slaughter of innocent children does not have enough moral integrity to trust with anything else.  Realize this.  Only the most moral candidates should be trusted to rule society.
9. Any candidate's statement of their personal beliefs is irrelevant.  Your vote is for specific promises in official election platforms.
10. Voters have a right and duty to choose the level of participation of our Government in the issue of abortion, and don't let anyone tell you different.

Here is why everyone should refuse to vote for any political candidates who would make or keep deliberate abortion legal:
1. Otherwise they're not morally worthy to rule anyone.  Supporting immoral people to rule is the worst mistake we can make in life, and results in the worst atrocities.  Being a function of their character, their disregard for human life is likely to plug into all of their other decisions also.  Such people must not rule!
2. It saves lives, namely:
i) the pre-born child: less children will be aborted if it's more difficult to obtain an abortion, and
ii) women are saved from a very unnatural and dangerous procedure, and
iii) the money saved can be put to protecting life (instead of destroying it)
3. It protect women who love their children.  Although abortion advocates might have you believe that every woman is screaming for the right to end her pregnancy, many women want to keep their pregnancy, and abortion legality emboldens voices pressuring them to end it (many women who have abortions report feeling pressured to do so).
4. It improves your character.  We define our character when we start making rules of what we won't be part of, including with our vote.  When we put others ahead of our own personal benefit, furthermore, we become heroic.  When we consider a killing we know is happening just as real whether it's concealed from our view or not, we show our intelligence.
5. It puts your life story on the right side of history.  This life is only for a time, and it should be a basic desire of humans to make a good showing for that time.  In particular we should be trying to recognize the atrocities of our day, however disguised, and immediately stand on the morally right side of those issues.  If you ever wondered if you would have opposed the Nazi persecution of Jews, just look at the socially accepted human slaughter today, ie. abortion, and how you react to it, and you know how you would have likely reacted to the previous Holocaust also, had you been there.
6. It helps you live up to the moral standards you set for other people. We held many people, such as former Nazi officers, responsible for atrocities they committed in a society where those acts were not only approved of and legal but ordered.  We also sometimes tell people living under tyrants that they are responsible for the leaders they elected and whatever they do.  Likewise we must at least vote against abortion legality, because otherwise we are most clearly guilty for failing at the kinds of things we accuse others for.
7. It helps protect the power of our civilization by protecting our population size.  Population is power, and nations who abort slip in that power. Some call it the 'war of the cradle'.
8. Abortion criminalization helps to preserve the potential pre-born children have to contribute to our society.  Trust that the Creator has gifted these children with the contribution our society most needs today.
8. You increase world peace.  Less killing means more peace, by definition.  Peacefulness is not just about lamenting past wars.
9. It puts control of our democracy back into the hands of voters.  When we voters decide our own election issues, rather than on what candidates and news media telling us the issues are this election, we are in control of our nation and destiny.
10. It purifies the profession of medicine.  Keeping abortion illegal helps discourage psychopaths from becoming or remaining physicians; the profession should only include healers.
11. We uphold minimum consistent standards of human morality.  What society considers moral should not sway due to marketing but be well thought.
12. It makes deciding which candidate to vote in each election much easier. All you have to do is look up who your election authority (not your news media) says are the candidates, search their website policy platform for the word 'abortion' or 'conception', and if they permit abortion (including if they don't mention it on their platform where it is already legal), then you cross them off consideration for your vote.
13. You earn spiritual blessings, or at least no guilt, for refusing to vote for abortion-permissive political candidates.  Blessings of this kind are the real lasting wealth to accumulate in this life.  This is how you get the things you wanted that you sacrificed voting for to protect the Pre-born.
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal (Holy Bible, KJV, Matthew 6:20)
14. You protect your own rights.  Only when you stand up for others' rights can you practically, legally, morally, and spiritually expect to have anyone else stand up for yours if and when they are being decided.

The End. Thank you for reading.

1) The signing statement wording until 1 June 2022 was: "We who sign this petition promise to never vote for any political party or candidate who has indicated that they, if elected to public office, would either promote elective abortion, or fund it with public money, or allow it to continue legally (despite having jurisdiction to criminalize it)."
2) The signing statement wording from 1 June 2022 to 30 June 2023 was: "We who sign this boycott promise to never vote for any political party or candidate whose published policies indicate, by mention or by lack of mention, that they would have elective abortion become or remain legal, despite having political
jurisdiction to stop it."

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