For an international agreement to trace all DR Congo's minerals #StandWithCongo

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Massive killings are happening today in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it started over 20 years ago. In the eastern part of the country, millions of people killed, countless women raped and children exploited in the mines. Everyday, around 20 people killed in BENI.

Congo is one of the world's largest exporters of gold, cobalt, copper and more. The territory has the materials needed to produce smartphones, electric cars and more. The giants of this world know the chaos that reigns and no one acts. Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Glencore and many other multinationals are aware of these massacres but continue to buy without transparency from merchants who orchestrate massacres and nameless chaos in the east of the country. 

We, consumers, are the only ones who can change things, we have a responsibility to shout loud and clear: STOP

Sign this petition to demand that an international agreement be put in place to ensure that every mineral from the DRC Congo is traced, ethically produced and benefits the people who have suffered irreparable damage, be it psychological, economic or human.