Enforce law, get rid of Khap Courts

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Enforce law, get rid of Khap Courts

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Listen to #HerVoice - Stop this violence

As a teenager, I survived gang rape. Instead of being supported I was told that I must have done something wrong, that it was my fault that I was raped. It was then that I understood what shame and forced isolation meant.

If like me you can no longer watch the news in horror, please put an end to the increasing stream of shockwaves rocking our nation, by signing for change.  Remember the gruesome murder of Manoj & Babli - Khap Courts are the epitome of injustice of the worst kind.  Punishments of murder, rape and honour killings, often targeting women must be stopped.  We can no longer do nothing.  

Sign this petition and ask the Ministry of Women & Children and Home Affairs to STOP Khap Courts, ensure protection laws are implemented across the system and actively work to tackle rape culture in India.

The Supreme Court in India has already outlawed Khap Courts and currently has some of the toughest anti-rape laws in the world, but there is little in place to enforce the law and organisations like mine can no longer be left to simply pick up the pieces.

The #HerVoice campaign aims to change that. By adding your name to our petition, and sharing it on social media, you are saying please take strong action to protect women in accordance with the laws.

I am a survivor, and I have chosen to fight for the rights of victims of the worst forms of sex crimes imaginable: human sex trafficking. My NGO, Prajwala fights sex crimes and sex trafficking. Prajwala is also one of the nine NGOs that is spearheading the #HerVoice campaign.

Girish Kulkarni, founder of NGO Snehalaya India, and a campaign partner told me: “A nine-year-old girl was gang raped and killed in Jharkhand. An eight-year-old girl was raped by her uncle in Uttar Pradesh. Six people also gang raped a 20-year-old woman in Gurgaon near New Delhi. The picture and scale of the violence affecting women and children in India is horrifying.”

A world free of sexual violence cannot happen by the intervention of a selected few. All of us need to come together and put so much pressure on the government that they are forced to act.  

There is no better time than now. I call upon each one of you from every corner of the world to sign our petition and stand with #HerVoice. Our collective voices and our collective action will be the only way to make this world a safer place for all India's Daughters.

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