Stop Violence Against Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru and His Followers

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We the undersigned respectfully request the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights  (OHCHR) to take urgent measures to stop the violent suppression of ethnic and religious groups practicing in the world. In particular, we present the violent, terrorist tactics ordered by the Government of Nepal against their world-revered Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha and His followers of Tamang descent.


Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru is the 30 year old teacher of a peaceful and harmonious way of life aimed at the expansion of Universal awareness and of love for all human beings and creatures. He and His followers in Nepal have been enduring years of unjust harassment, physical abuse, arrest, detention, and destruction of property by various Nepalese authorities some of which is documented below. Typically He does not respond to threats, criticisms, and gossip. Nor does He typically lay blame or incriminate others, but the incursions are now increasing to such an intolerable destructive level that we have made this petition asking for relief.

The teacher and many of his students are of Tamang descent. The subversion of the Tamang people has been ongoing for literally hundreds of years, and we suspect the current persecution is an extension of this.

Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, formerly known as Ram Bahadur Bomjan was introduced to the world in 2006 by the Discovery Channel in “The Boy with Divine Powers” documentary, and other international film crews, who produced documentaries about Him. At the time He was 10 months into a six-year meditation that would be completed in May of 2011. He was drawing increasing attention, including from film crews, as growing crowds gathered to observe the teenage boy sitting for months, continuously in meditation, under a tree in the Halkhoriya jungle of Nepal.

As of the 16th June 2019, the Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru had gone into a three-year retreat in silent solitude, as humanity learns to experience transformative dharma more closely.

His basic teachings were imparted several years ago, as eleven precepts, which we list here as part of the context within which this persecution is taking place. We hope the reader can discern the essence, that Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru truly wishes harmony and respect for all beings:

1) Never break oneness and equality, on account of name, appearance, caste, religion, colour, class, gender, belief, community, nation, power, position, ability and so forth; that means, give up all discord be it worldly or spiritual.

2) Having found the eternal dharma, marga and the Guru, remain respectful to all religions and beliefs.

3) Never start rifts or doubts with untruths, charges, counter-charges, belittling, or meaningless talk.

4) Resist all teachings and paths leading to separation, rifts or boundaries, stay steadfast in the true marga-practice.

5) Resist doing even the least harmful karma-actions throughout life in true guru marga-practice, melt totally into Guru’s truth-nature becoming part of it.

6) Before being truly merged in the essence of dharma, refrain from expounding it with clever words; while still mired in hearsay, rumour, and propaganda, do not draw others into delusion.

7) Avoid any and all daemonic behaviour: violence, killing, harming or hurting living beings; choose pure nourishment.

8) Do not think less of people or countries on account of national identity.

9) Rooted in true guru marga-practice, dedicate all karma-actions, thought and speech to the uplift of the whole world including ourselves.

10) When searching for Truth, the GuruMarga Path begins to take shape within the heart, merging with Guru nature for the well-being of all life in the universe.

11) Remain always in highest and deepest awareness realising the various precepts in the soul, free of all bondage and constraints.


Here we sadly submit accounts of the Nepali Government’s repeated surprise attacks to harm the Dharma Sangha dedicating his life and energy to help earth and all life forms currently on the brink of extinction.

The most recent police raid on the Maitri Dharma Centre in Sindhuli, Nepal on the 18th June 2020 repeated in many ways the raid of the same location on 7th February earlier on in the year. Again, without warning or legal search warrant, a group of eighty-some officers entered the sacred Precinct at dawn around 4am, to create harmful disturbances to all maitri gurus (Guru’s specially trained disciple-gurus), as well as shocking all devotee volunteers from Nepal and foreign lands who were living and serving there. No reason was given for this action.

The men, comprising members of Nepal’s top investigative organ, the CIB (Central Investigation Bureau), and regional police forces of Sindhuli, Sarlahi, Kavre and Kathmandu came armed in full battle armour with helmets, chest-guards, rifles, tear gas, sticks, and life-detecting equipment, with members of the press carrying video and still cameras, and encircled the Maitri Dharma Centre in Besare, Sindhuli before moving in. They crept up in stealth, startled the guards at the main gate, forcing them at gun point to move outside the Compound and stay on the road, standing with both hands raised to the sky, forbidden to shout or to move. No reason was given for this action.

Having surrounded the holy jungle Precinct on all sides, they next brought two trained police hounds and went through all the dormitories on that level, rousted all the blue-robed maitri gurus out of their dormitories, ordering them outside into the open square, to remain there under armed surveillance without moving, filled with terror. The gurus were not allowed to drink, eat or go to the toilet. No reason was given for this action.

They next forced their way into the Guru’s residence (kadjokpa), the beautiful hallowed area that may be entered only in bare feet. Built by the sangha for the Guru Family as the most holy shrine-like space of the entire Maitri Precinct, it is where Guru does his most sacred work in meditation, in writing, and teaching gathered gurus; the entire space serving as holy of holies. Here the police arrested the two blue-robed gurus on watch duty. Not getting an answer regarding Guru’s whereabouts, they shouted abusive profanities and roughly forced the young gurus out of the building, shoving them with rifles to walk up to the open place above to stay with the other gurus already kept under armed guards like prisoners. The rest of the officers searching the residence forced their way in without removing their muddy boots, searched every room, under every bed, opening every closet, pulling out every drawer, flinging out all the contents everywhere, leaving the sacred once-pure-white space in a chaotic muddy mess. Then they began to sweep the floors inside and outside the residence with their life-detecting radar, scanning for hidden basements where people might be hiding. No reason was given for this action.

Meanwhile, as Sindhuli sangha’s volunteers arrived for service to the gurus, the police blocked them and sent them back to town from whence they had come. No reason was given for this action.

Another large group of police including policewomen in police uniforms, took journalists along to the secluded well-protected enclosure of the female gurus, arriving at their high protective wall. In the early morning hours, the female gurus had not yet opened the compound gate. Here a couple of the policemen jumped over the wall, entered the locked compound, and ran to open its gates from within, to let in the rest of the police. The nuns were in the midst of morning prayer-meditations and were shocked by the sudden intrusion.

[PHOTO: Nuns distracted from morning prayers]

The police shouted at them, “Where is your guru?” to which the nuns had no answer, and as a result they were then shoved outdoors and herded into the central court of the compound. Here the female police officers pushed the nuns from the front, hitting on sensitive places of the body, as if meting out punishments, adding to the blue-robed female gurus’ sense of terror. No reason was given for this action.

Around 10am another 20 to 30 officers moved down to the southern gate in the forest by the riverbed where five blue-robed male guru gate-keepers lived, and prayed, keeping the dharmic area in peace. They lived hidden from sight of other disciples and gurus. Unobserved now, the officers spoke to the five gurus in surprisingly crude and hostile language, without the usual Nepali respect for robed clerics of holy orders. With crude profanities and harsh blows from rifle-butts, they beat the gurus without explanation, kicking them with boots of leather (leather being a substance cruelly stripped from animals killed against the dharma), inflicting serious wounds onto the head, back and different parts of the body that required medical attention but which the officers denied throughout the time of their domination. They forced the wounded gurus toward the trail leading to the higher level, with hands joined behind their backs, crisscrossing the river swollen by the monsoon, where they shoved the gurus, dunking their heads into the water for long minutes, inflicting tremendous terror. The officers forced the gurus to grovel on all fours in the muddy swamps, humiliating their captives who now realised that they had been stripped of all human rights. In brutal violence the armed men tortured the gurus, arrested them and took them up to the open square where the other gurus had already been assembled.

[VIDEO: Wounded GuruMarga guru]

Later in the day, they took three of the wounded blue-robed gurus, and three other blue-and-green robed gurus who had also been wounded by police beatings, plus the chief of the Maitri Centre’s Office, blue-robed guru Jyampa Topchen, all innocent citizens of Nepal in the sacred robes of Maitri Dharma who had done no wrong, to the Police Headquarters in Sindhuli Town. 

There, the seven maitri dharma gurus were locked together in a room without charge, without legal protection or representation, but also without any interrogation. It was an unlawful act of unauthorized detention, without providing water for the entire day, or allowing the virtual prisoners any movement. At 11pm that night the police released the seven gurus without explanation. They illegally held captive Nepali holy men of the cloth who have dedicated their lives to pray for the welfare of the world and the ascension of all living beings, including their captors and tormentors. The blue-robed gurus were ordered to return to Police Headquarters three more times for repeated day-long deprivation in detention without reason or interrogation. The gurus were to return every few days for incarceration without permission to contact anyone, or to have anyone contact them. These detentions were ordered and carried out on the 21st, 24th, 27th June and so forth, without legal warrant. The gurus repeatedly went back to the Sindhuli Police Headquarters as asked, ready to cooperate in any way they could, but upon arrival were only ordered to sit each time in forced silent detention the entire day. The police did not provide water or food. But allowed sangha members to deliver food-baskets for the gurus. No reason was given for this action. 

No reasons were given in most cases, with the effect always the same: sheer terror.

Throughout the years, Nepali Press have run articles accusing the Guru to incite public antagonism toward dharma. The latest reporting being the last raid from close quarters:

2020, 30th June, OnlineKhabar (the journal Online News) in its mid-night edition ran an article headlined, “What will the court do if Ram Bahadur Bamjan escapes from the police?” which included quality photos taken on site during the raid of the 18th June. The article presents a frustrated if not angry account of the dismal failures of Nepal’s mammoth all-out surprise raid described above, to capture the criminal Ram Bahadur Bomjan (the birth name of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha). The nation’s top Special Task Force, forensic experts, national and regional police troops having been sent to find the peaceful silent Guru, returned empty-handed after 8 hours’ hard work. The article reveals that the unannounced invasion of the Guru’s sacred Precinct had been instigated and directed by no less than top leaders of Nepal: Home Ministry Secretary Maheshwar Neupane, Inspector General of Police Thakur Prasad Gyawali and Bureau Chief of the CIB Sahakul Thapa. In blatant betrayal of their collective pledge to protect the nation’s religious freedom and racial equality, they used an informant, attack dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, life-detecting equipment and the heavily armed special task force to find and arrest the peace-spreading dharma Guru. The special task force arrived armed with rifles, metal helmets and chest protectors as if preparing for war against armed thugs or rioters, knowing perfectly well that dharma gurus and their followers never resist, let alone retaliate. The article also reveals that Government forces attribute to Maitri Dharma various secretive, and greed-driven intentions and practices familiar to themselves, but alien to the robed gurus dedicated to peace, universal equality, selfless love and profound respect. Suspecting Guru had underground hiding places, they used expensive life-detecting equipment but found nothing. They deployed their attack dogs and search-and-rescue dogs, but found nothing. The police suspected Guru was hiding in the nuns’ quarters disguised as one, and deployed policewomen. That is why the latter shoved the nuns by pushing at their breasts, searching for a man’s flat chest, but found none. The informant was someone “found to be in regular contact with Bamjan (Bomjan), so the police took him under control and secretly monitored Bamjan's activities.” The informant failed to find the Guru as expected, in the beautiful shrine built by the sangha. The article’s sectional headlines grumble with discontent, “CIB Operation exhausted in VIP Ashram,” “Great Police Efforts Wasted,” “Obstructions blocked Investigations”, “Consequence of Lacking Technology” etc. 

The editor offered the hypothesis that Guru illegally controls vast natural resources belonging to the State in three basic Precincts to gain greater mobility as a criminal under the cover of dharma. After supposedly committing crimes in one district he can then move to different districts to escape investigation from that district. But now that no crime charges have emerged from Sindhuli, some charge must be established in order to apprehend the ‘criminal’. The editor conceded that since no evidence of murder could be levied against the Guru, “As remains of the bodies could not be found in Sindhupalchowk, the police could not confirm the possibility of murder… Bamjan was then charged with rape, it being the only reason (justification) for police investigation.” The three Dharma Centre sites of Patharkot, Sindhupalchowk and most recently Sindhuli, were each donated by devotees onto which the sangha added the adjacent farmsteads through legal purchases. All these Jungle Precincts are registered with their respective local district offices, complete with clearly drawn maps and legal documents. Guru has stayed and done much important work in each Precinct, which is prepared to host hundreds of future gurus, providing a Dharma Centre in various districts for the people of Nepal.

The article incites hate against the dharma guru from unknowing readers, praising the government for ordering the oppression of unarmed silent monks and nuns, and lamenting that enormous resources for this long and carefully organized invasion failed again to capture the Guru. At this very moment, money is sorely needed in Nepal by thousands of hapless citizens deeply stressed under Covid19, to the point of starvation. But the journal article is designed to incite hatred against the only Guru who teaches tolerance, non-violence, zero discrimination in order to uplift the world onto a higher plane to bloom in total equality and respect. 

Some of the surprising, brutal attacks and/or detentions of the past eight years are sketched in brief below. Once put together, they present an anti-dharma profile that raises troubling questions regarding Nepal’s law-enforcement agencies under direct command of the highest offices of the land. Beginning with the sacred Halkhoriya jungle following the second World Peace Maitri Puja since Guru’s transcendence in 2011 attended by hundreds of foreign devotees, these include:

► 2012, 19th June, Halkhoriya Jungle. In full ignorance of dharma, the Department of Forestry Office (DFO) sent officers into the sanctified woods of Halkhoriya to remove visible memories of the miracle that had just been flowering on that site. With bulldozers, they removed the by-then world-famous meditation dais on which Guru had been fixed without moving for the last four years of meditation. They seriously damaged the monument containing an historic underground chamber in which he had sat in dark stagnant air for four months. These hugely important historical testimonials of the trials and triumphs of Guru’s inspiring six-year transcendental meditation near the now-revered and celebrated “wish-fulfilling” banyan tree were now smashed, hacked to pieces and bulldozed. Also destroyed were smaller temporary long-houses used by monks and devotees. Refusing to hear the plea of devotees to preserve, protect and honour the site as a world heritage site, spiritual centre and birthplace of maitri dharma on Earth in the early 21st century. Instead, the DFO accused Guru of building constructions in the forest jungle without permit or license, a law unknown to the early devotees most of whom were simple farmers.

[PHOTO: Destroyed meditation dais]

[VIDEO: Destroyed meditation dais and damaged monument in Halkhoriya jungle]

2014, June, Halkhoriya Jungle. An unprompted invasion into the sacred forest was witnessed by a South American devotee observer. While he and others were praying at midnight, suddenly and without warning, around 200 soldiers appeared in the Halkhoriya woods and began surrounding all the devotees. Soldiers armed with shields and guns pushed them away from the jungle. All devotees and onlookers ran away in fear. The visitor-witness was astonished by the hostility and rudeness displayed towards the Guru’s Nepali and worldwide followers. 

2014, 29th Nov - 12th Dec, Halkhoriya Jungle. Bara District Forestry Department officers entered the jungle around 3pm on the 29th November in 2 jeeps, one with officers, the other full with soldiers in camouflage uniforms, armed with rifles and mobile video cameras. Without warrant or explanation, they took blue-robed chief guru Jyampa Topchen, forcibly pushing him into a car, and then driving away to the District Forestry Office in Simara by the Indian border. The Forestry officer did not ask the guru any question, but kept him incarcerated for 14 days without warrant, without interrogation or words of explanation. A few days later, news reached Amnesty International in Kathmandu who observed that, since the Appellate Court had issued the Resident Permit to Guru and His Jungle gurus, Topchen guru’s arrest was illegal. Finally chief guru Jyampa Topchen was released on the 12th December. But the DFO ordered Topchen guru to return to their office in Simara one day every month. Meanwhile, due to this severe disturbance in the Jungle Forest, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru decided to return to the more remote and quiet mountains in Sindhupalchowk, two days’ travel away. This meant for Topchen guru two days’ bus travel to Simara each way, plus one day’s incarceration at the DFO Office, and another two days’ journey back up to the mountain centre in Sindhupalchowk, losing five whole days each month. The charges against chief guru Jyampa Topchen were for residing in the Halkhoriya forest and for cutting trees and making roads without permit. The charges were levied in spite of the fact that before returning to the beloved Halkhoriya jungle, the Nepali sangha had sought and obtained the Resident Permit issued by the Appellate Court for this move, allowing the maitri dharma group to live freely in the Halkhoriya jungle.

[PHOTO: Jyampa Topchen in custody]

► 2018, 15th September. Renegade nun Ganga Maya Tamang (born 2000), having run away from her place at the Sindhuli Centre serving the Guru’s Family arrived in Lalitpur in the Kathmandu Valley. Here she organised a press conference at the office of the local radio station where she openly charged Guru for sexual harassment and rape that had caused her to run away. As members of the Maitri sangha were there to refute her claim, the day ended without formal charges being laid upon the Guru or the radio station broadcasting the former nun’s claim. However the journalists that had been called, published such information later on other media. Now, two years since the claim, this same charge is going to be used against the Guru, but from a third District, Sarlahi in the southern plains. Meanwhile the Government issued an all-out warrant for the Guru’s capture, and according to the OnlineKhabar of the 3rd July, “Sentence of 14 years of imprisonment has already been sought by The District Public Prosecutor's Office, Sarlahi, who on Thursday (2nd July 2020) filed a case seeking action under the Children's Act, 2076 BS.” This raises the question of the working of Nepal’s judiciary system where an alleged crime committed in District A, is announced in District B, and then filed in a third District’s court of law for conviction and sentencing.

► 2019, 4th January, Badegaun Maitri Centre, Sindhupalchowk. On the 4th January, members of the regional police and the central CID (Crime Investigation Department) arrived at the Sindhupalchowk Precinct of Badegaun with forensic experts. Here, the District Court had granted permission for the investigation of Guru’s alleged crimes of murder and missing nuns. The police ordered the gurus to come down from the mountain and report to the district police office in town. Meanwhile, intense digging took place in the mountain precinct, continuing for months without finding anything; the media went wild with sensationalism, and chat shows spread news of the false charges against the dharma Guru who, as always, remained in total silence without responding.

[VIDEO: Shocking news about Dharma Sangha. How they are being fabricated]

► 2019, Late January, Kathmandu. A former blue-robed guru from the Sindhupalchowk Maitri Centre, having decided to pursue secular life to help out his parents by studying toward a degree in Kathmandu, moved into the city as a student. One day during the final examination period, on the way out of school, he was stopped by four plainclothes policemen without badges or warrant who grabbed his arms and shoulders from both sides, forced him into their car and kidnapped him. They drove to their headquarters in a tall building and took him to the top floor where they confiscated his phone, refused to let him call anyone, and asked him to place his thumbprints on a previously prepared confession type witness statement which said that he had witnessed his Guru commit murder, killing dharma followers in the Sindhupalchowk Precinct. The guru-student was shocked by such outrageous fabrication and refused to sign the document. The men then told him on pain of death that if he should refuse to sign they would kill him right there. When the young man said he would prefer to die than sign the false testament, they threatened to use a sharp knife to slice his skin and pull it off his arms and body, bit by bit till he died; or throw him out of their top-story window. And no one in the world would ever know what happened to him. Terrorized and fearing for his life, the former guru “signed” the “Witness Statement.” Eventually he was released. Having remained a devout follower of his Guru at heart, he contacted the Kathmandu sangha who at once arranged a TV video interview where the former guru recounted his horrifying experience with the CID and repeated that he “signed” under duress to stay alive, but wished the world to know that Guru was Dharma, Truth and Compassion embodied, and would never snuff out any life, not even of pests, and that the paper he had been forced to sign was entirely invented by the Police Force (in fact it was the nation’s leading CIB). The reason for this brutality was to obtain a signed albeit fake testament in order to darken Guru’s dharma light in the world. As a result of this harrowing harassment during his final exams, the former guru student lost an entire year of school and credits.


► 2019, Mid-January, Besare Maitri Centre, Sindhuli. A team of policemen without warrant raided the sacred Precinct in the final days of the blue-and- green-robed Maatma GuruMarga gurus’ grueling 3-month meditation training that was conducted in total silence and solitude on the hillside throughout the winter cold, and scheduled for completion on the 15th. Armed men came three or four times mid-January, dragging out of their bamboo meditation huts, three blue-and-green-robed gurus still numb in body, spiritually delicate in a state of deep transcendence from months of silent day-long focused silent meditation. Shocking them, the intruders forced the meditating gurus to talk, to get out of their deeply layered absorption in the midst of training, and report to the district office in Sindhuli town. Aside from the 3 meditating gurus in training, they took along 4 blue-robed gurus, as well as chief blue-robed guru Jyampa Topchen for detention and interrogation at Police Headquarters in town. The gurus were interrogated at length regarding the allegedly missing former nuns who had in fact left Guru’s Precinct three years before to resume secular lives, leaving the Precinct in plain view in February, 2015. The police released the gurus in the dark of the night. The reason for this action was to generate any charge even if false, against the Guru. Finding nothing since the searching and digging had begun in January, but still without any evidence against the Guru, the case had been officially closed by the end of that year of 2019.

► 2020, 7th February, Besare Maitri Centre, Sindhuli. On the morning of Friday, 7th February, at 5:45am in the predawn dimness, a large troop of about 200 Nepali policemen bearing arms and weapons entered the sacred Sindhuli Precinct without warning. Without legal orders or search warrant, they came in through the main gate and, proceeding down the hill, broke into the locked Sacred Dharma shrine-like space built by the sangha for Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha and His family, trampling all over the area furnished in white with their muddy leather boots, ransacking the place searching for Guru, all the while using abrasive words unbecoming government representatives. Then the CIB took chief guru Jyampa Topchen without warrant to the Sindhuli Police Headquarters. The charge against Guru for the missing nuns having been closed the previous year (2019) due to lack of evidence, a new case against the Guru had now been filed, this time from the District of Sarlahi in the south, the contents of which could not be revealed to Topchen guru, because the police officers themselves did now know the charges. Yet three times they made the chief guru return weekly to the office and sit in detention without warrant, interrogation or charge, each time releasing him in the dark around 10 to 11pm. 


Instead of protecting unarmed holy men who dedicate their lives to praying and meditating for the welfare and transcendence of all living beings, these CIB and local policemen in bizarre and evil conduct unbecoming officers of their ancient and cultured land of Nepal, on June 18th 2020 have repeated illegal disruption of sacred grounds for the second time in five months, since their last terrorizing raid (above) of the 7th February. This strange, cruel and criminal behaviour requires an open explanation from the highest office of the nation, which alone has authority to deploy the CIB whose “Goal” is publicly stated online as, “Security Assurance to the people by Effective crime prevention & Investigation in order to national and International laws.” Instead, the Government of Nepal persistently authorise criminal attacks on Nepal’s world-revered dharma gurus. They have ordered harassment and inflictions of pain, torture and fear against the non-violent, peaceful innocent dharma gurus on a regular basis for the past eight years and continue to feed false news to the press in order to incite public distrust of maitri dharma and the Guru.

Torturing men of the cloth who dedicate their entire lives to humanity’s welfare and happiness is a crime in any civilisation. This ancient land of Nepal has always reverenced, honoured and protected clerics, meditators, monks, swamis and gurus, and is renowned for its religious freedom and tolerance. The baffling official governmental ill-will, one might say antagonism or even hatred, has been levied solely against followers of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, the sole spiritual leader in the world who is of Tamang descent. Authorities who had ordered the beatings, arrests and inexplicable detentions have always turned a blind eye when devotees begin to ask questions, to which the standard reply is: they had not been aware of such goings on. But to date, no official enquiry has been launched to investigate criminal acts by members of Nepal’s CIB, by national and regional police against their own innocent Nepali brothers and selfless dharma gurus. There is unabated discrimination against the Tamang race who remain illegally kept at the lower end of Nepal’s social ladder. For the many centuries since their arrival, the Tamang have been regarded as low-class workers and deprived of the rights and respect enjoyed by the higher castes of Nepali society. They were relegated mostly to heavy labour in construction of palaces and large buildings, roads, picking and carrying firewood from forests to homeowners before the use of natural gas, carrying heavy stones, and in general forbidden more respectable professions in the military, commerce, architecture, jurisprudence education. They have borne such insults in silence, always creating the best out of their life, for themselves and for their employers.

For eight years, the newly arisen maitri dharma gurus of the Tamang descent have been the target of unprovoked official assaults. Guru and his dharma-trained gurus never lift a hand or voice to strike back, they have never gone to court to file counter-charges or even a simple complaint. They have been submitting to each unprovoked terroristic assault in silence and compliance, bearing the unjust treatment silently while praying for their tormentors to see the dharma path one day and forsake adharmic destructive behaviour. 

With Nepal’s official armed forces beating on Guru’s gurus, Nepal’s government is striking directly against dharma, deliberately committing intolerable transgression. There is neither regret or remorse about their own actions. Even as the blue-robed dharma gurus continually bear such torture and terror in silence, we devotees of the worldwide sangha can no longer tolerate the abhorrent treatment of our most revered World Guru and gurus by the Government of Nepal. We hereby petition the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to stop any further violence and suppression of our Maitri Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha and His dharma gurus.

To Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, creator of world-preserving BodhiMarga Darshan Maitri Dharma, to all Paramaatma Gurus, to all GuruMarga gurus we bow in profound reverence, joyful gratitude, unfathomable love and obeisance. To all Maitri Dharma disciples, devotees and followers, to the world and to all living beings,

Maitri Mangalam, Shaigi Wainkhya