Stop Verizon's proposed cell tower at Antczak Park!

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Verizon Wireless is proposing the installation of a "communication facility" in the middle of Antczak park.

  • The installation will replace an existing light tower on the west side of the tennis courts, adding 33 feet to its current height.
  • To protect the new tower, a new fence will be erected around the tower's 112 square foot platform.
  • At the southwest corner of the tennis court, on the south side, an additional 625 square foot area (25 × 25) will be enclosed by a brick wall 8½ feet high.  Inside, a backup generator will be installed.
  • It is yet unknown how the cluster of trees immediately south of the tennis courts will be impacted by the generator platform installation.  Children frequently enjoy playing within the cavern formed by those trees.
  • It is yet unknown how much of the park, including both the tennis courts and surrounding grass areas, will be closed, and for how long, during the installation process, but it will certainly impact park usage.
  • Ridgecrest Elementary is adjacent to Antczak park, and students frequently use the park after school.  Although scientific evidence has not demonstrated that cell tower radiation is harmful to growing children, many citizens are still concerned about the proliferation of cell towers near elementary schools.

Antczak park is a treasure to the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as to the many community members from throughout the city who use it for both casual recreation and organized activities.

  • We oppose the installation of any cell tower at Antczak park.
  • We oppose any commercial use of Antczak park that permanently reduces the amount of usable park space, or which reduces its utility as a recreational facility.

Please sign this petition to send Cottonwood Heights a clear message that it should not consider a partnership with Verizon Wireless that will adversely affect the beauty and utility of Antczak Park.

Also, please attend the neighborhood meeting on April 10, 2017, 6:00 p.m., at Whitmore Library, and express your concerns.

Michael Shelton is the Cottonwood Heights city councilman for District 1, which includes the park.  This petition is directed to him.

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