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STOP Verizon from charging a $2 "Convenience Fee".

Verizon has plans to institute a $2 “convenience fee” for debit and credit transactions associated with paying your bill on January 15, they have confirmed it. It does indeed start on the 15th of next month and will affect those that make “single bill payments” via the phone or online. Big Red wants to be clear that you have a number of options to avoid the fee, one of those being autopay.

Letter to
Verizon Wireless
We the undersigned believe that it is abusive and unnecessary to begin charging a $2 "convenience fee" to process payments via credit or debit cards, especially since this is the method most of your customers use to pay their monthly wireless bills.

Furthermore, we believe it is absolutely contrary to your company's "green" policy to actually encourage your customers to mail you paper checks through the post in payment, simply by making that method one of the payment methods by which customers can avoid the "convenience fee". We also feel that many of the other methods encouraged by this new fee, including encouraging each single customer to drive to a Verizon store to make payments in person, are similarly environment-unfriendly.

According to your posted environmental policies visible at, we can't figure out why you would take the MOST environmentally-conscious payment methods you accept, namely credit & debit transactions via phone and online, and penalize your customers for using those methods EXCLUSIVELY by charging them this new fee!

In short, we suspect that the new "convenience fee" is being implemented simply to increase profits for Verizon Wireless, with little or no thought as to its possible environmental or financial impacts to Verizon Wireless customers or home planet. There's no problem with increasing profits, per se, as it is the lifeblood of every business; however, since Verizon Wireless is already the most expensive postpaid wireless provider in the United States, we feel that this new fee is unjust, environmentally unsound and abusive to your customers.

We the undersigned plead with you not to implement the $2 "convenience fee" this January 15 as planned.

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