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Stop Venezuela From Fishing With Cats And Kittens

My name is Nayra and I am 9 years old. When watching youtube clips on cats I came across a clip that showed that some fishermen use cats and kittens to fish for sharks and whales in Venezuela.

Please sign this petition to urge the Venezuelan government to stop this barbaric way of fishing and to stop fishing for sharks and whales.

If you can stand it, go on youtube and watch  "Little Kittens being used as Shark Bait in Venezuela".


Thank you for your signature - every signature counts and makes a difference.

Letter to
Venezuela president
Please put a stop to the barbaric use of kittens and cats when fishing for sharks in Venezuela.
While watching youtube clips on cats, I came across a clip that clearly showed how fishermen put hooks into live kittens and then use them as bait.
I'm writing to ask you to please put an end to this horrific abuse.

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