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Stop using Palm Oil from Indonesia

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Trader Joe's is a grocery store chain that uses Palm Oil in their products. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms. It is used in almost all products and can be found in your pizza dough, shampoo, soap, and ice cream, to name a few. Palm oil is a cheap oil that is extremely affordable for companies to use in their products. The issue with palm oil is that it's causing deforestation worse than anything before, especially in Indonesia. Due to the harvesting of palm oil, forests in Indonesia have decreased 50% in the past 20 years. That means half of the forest land in Indonesia in 1996, is now gone. The burnings of the land to extract the palm oil have cause carbon emissions during these burnings are worse than the United States' in a year. These burnings can last for up to a month. Animals, like the orangutang, are losing their habitats over this oil. Indonesia and Malaysia are responsible for almost all the palm oil plantations for the world. Palm oil is in products that do not have any need for it. If palm oil was removed from ice cream, there would be very little difference. Trader Joe's uses palm oil in many of their products and the people spoke out about it already. There have been articles written about Trader Joe's and palm oil before and they have taken no action. I consumed a bag of their microwave popcorn. In the popcorn, not only do they use palm oil, they use a "natural butter flavor (non-dairy)". I took action and called Trader Joe's asking about their natural butter flavor that happens to be non-dairy. The first time I called, the lady told me she could not disclose what was in their natural butter flavor that did not contain butter except that it was a mix of natural oils that "taste like butter". The second time I called, I was told that it was a natural flavor made from butter and that it just didn't contain lactose. I asked about palm oil and she said that they don't disclose their supplier of palm oil, but assure consumers that it is within standards of safety. The people don't want the oil in their products, it's as simple as that. If you start using alternatives, other companies will follow. Palm oil is a harmful oil that is not necessary to any one of the products and is not needed. If you remove it, we take one step closer to stopping deforestation and saving our planet. Don't hesitate to visit any links to learn more: 

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