Stop using “Latinx” when referring to everyone in the hispanic community

Stop using “Latinx” when referring to everyone in the hispanic community

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Latinx is a term born of noble intentions and is intended to be inclusive, it is a term that can be used by those who identify as Latin or of Latin American descent but do not want to be identified by gender.

The term's inclusiveness seems especially appropriate in this time of division and strife.
However, for those of us who take great pride in using gender specific pronouns (that is important to our identity) it is extremely unsettling to see companies and schools refer to the Hispanic population as "latinx."  The term was intended to be a choice for those who feel comfortable using it to identify themselves, rather than for the entire community.

As if by decree, the entire Latino population in the United States began to be referred to as Latinx by brands, companies, TV hosts, and so on.

Dear Businesses, news outlets, educational institutions, and anyone else using the term to address the community as a whole:

Please, stop! It is extremely insulting to our culture, to our roots and ancestors. You can support those that would like to use the term FOR THEMSELVES without insulting everyone else in the community. Learn how to respect us. 

Latinx should only be used if a person identifies with the term; using it to address the entire Latin population in the United States is extremely disrespectful to those who identify as latinas, Latinos or Hispanics 

If you're unsure, use Hispanics or Latinos.


a very annoyed Latina.


96 have signed. Let’s get to 100!