Stop Unfair Law Enforcement

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As several recent scandals have revealed, Canada’s law enforcement system continues to be under threat from interference by politicians, and police and other law enforcement agencies and tribunals are often not held accountable for bad decisions and wrongdoing.

Did you know that the Prime Minister and provincial premiers have the power to appoint key people in the law enforcement system (judges, chief prosecutors, police chiefs, and the heads of big business watchdog agencies) without any meaningful restrictions? 

The PM and Premiers even get to choose the people who enforce the laws that require themselves, and their Cabinet ministers, to be honest, ethical, open and waste-preventing!  And they often choose lapdogs who let them off the hook again and again.

The scandals include:

  • Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford tried to appoint his friend as provincial police commissioner;
  • Trudeau PMO officials pressured the Attorney General to stop the prosecution of big business SNC-Lavalin for bribery;
  • The RCMP failing to stop criminal gangs from China and other countries using Canadian casinos, banks, houses and condos to launder their dirty money, and;
  • The RCMP and other police forces continuing to get away with discriminating against minorities and indigenous peoples, and harassment of women and minority police officers.

Please sign this petition calling for key changes to make police and all law enforcement agencies, including agencies, boards and commissioners that watch over politicians, governments and big businesses:

  • much more independent from politicians by ensuring politicians can't appoint their friends or supporters as lapdogs who refuse to enforce the law;
  • much more accountable for wrongdoing by requiring higher ethical standards and greater transparency by all law enforcement agencies, and ensuring there are fully independent, fully empowered citizen watchdogs to hold them accountable for wrongdoing;
  • much more accountable for bad decisions by ensuring anyone can file a court case challenging an unfair law enforcement agency decision that violates fundamental rights or ignores facts or the law;
  • and calling for key changes to ensure full, strong protection for people who blow the whistle on wrongdoing by law enforcement agencies.

We need your help to keep this campaign going until together we win these key changes to ensure law enforcement agencies across Canada enforce laws fairly and effectively, including holding politicians and big businesses accountable whenever they break the law.

Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in supporting this petition to stop unfair law enforcement.

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