UK Media: Stop Uncritically Platforming LGB Alliance "Hate Group"

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We the undersigned ask that the UK media stops providing an uncritical platform for the contentious organisation LGB Alliance.

The UK media continue to provide an uncritical platform to the self described "LGB" Alliance, an organisation many in the LGBT+ community feel is a hate group and does not represent them.

The LGB Alliance are widely thought of as an anti-LGBT hate group, as such any discussion in the UK media should frame them with respect to how they are perceived by the LGBT+ community.

They do not speak for us, and they should not be quoted or asked to comment on issues affecting the LGBT+ community without clear and unequivocal reference to their status as a perceived hate group.

Pride in London, the UK's largest Pride event for LGBT+ people, describe LGB Alliance as a "transphobic hate group". 

The TUC with over 5.5 Million members passed a motion condemning the "anti-trans LGB Alliance"

The UK is an increasingly hostile place for our trans community, transphobic hate crime has quadrupled in the last five years while homophobic hate crime has tripped. It is more important than ever that the LGBT+ community and allies stand together to oppose division and intolerance.

The LGB Alliance do not represent our LGBT+ community. We reject anti-trans rhetoric & support our fellow community members. Trans rights are human rights.