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Stop U.S. Subversion of Human Rights Organizations: PEN's new Executive Director, Suzanne Nossel, Advocate of U.S. Military Interventions, Must Go.


There has been growing concern that Human Rights organizations are being subverted by the U.S. government to advance its foreign policy.  With the appointment of its new director, Suzanne Nossel, formerly Under Secretary of State, the human rights organization PEN has become the most blatant and overt example of such subversion.

PEN is an organization of writers and related professions, which we all support when we purchase works by its members.  PEN presents itself as an organization in favor of peace and human rights.  But PEN has now hired as its new Executive Director, Suzanne Nossel, Underecretary of State under Hillary Clinton.  Nossel has been a relentless advocate for pre-emptive war, illegal under international law, and a champion of "Smart Power" which includes "not least" U.S. military force.  Nossel has used "human rights" as a cover for such wars.  This undermines the genuine quest for human rights. Her leadership of PEN is inconsistent with its commitment to peace and human rights and as an organization independent of the U.S. government.  She must be dismissed or resign.

For more info, read this by Coleen Rowley and John V. Walsh:

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Chris Hedges's statement on resignation from PEN to protest Nossel's appointment:

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