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Stop tuition fees for NON-European Students!

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The current government in Baden-Würrtemberg (Black-Green) decided to raise tution fees for NON-European Students.
The plan ist the following:
- 1500€ per Semester (300€ goes directly to the University)
- 650€ for a second degree students (everyone, even germans)
- 10€ more fee for every students

Why? They need to fill a budget "hole" of 48 million Euro.

1. Only for newcomers

Only Students which start to study in the wintersemester 2017/2018 are affected.

2. Only Non-EU-Students are affected

The current government calculates with 7000 new students every year. At the moment there are around 24000 students from Non-EU countries at universities in Baden-Württemberg

3. Equality

no need to translate, we are all the same opnion.

4. Income

NON-EU Students arent allowed to work more than 120days a year, how should they handle the high living costs and this fee ?

5. Does a foreign student cost more ?

Clearly not, several researches proves the high value of those students.

6. 650€ for a second degree

Help your foreign and german friends by signing this petition. Please also think about your futur, our kids. It is important!

Finally i need you to write a comment at the participation Portal. Thats one of our chances to tell the government directly.
It doesnt matter if your german is not that good, write in English instead!

Please write a comment at the participation portal.


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