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Stop tricking progressives into signing Michelle Rhee’s union busting petitions

Michelle Rhee has been using to collect tens of thousands of emails addresses. She uses cleverly worded, deceptive language for her anti-union petitions that have entrapped the otherwise well-meaning into signing her anti-union, anti-teacher petitions.

Rhee has been traveling the country working with Tea Party governors to weaken public schools. She lobbied on behalf of SB 5 in Ohio, and the anti-collective bargaining bill in Michigan. She played a major part in eliminating collective bargaining from Tennessee's teachers; she advised Rick Scott as he gutted the Florida budget for public education; and she hired a lobbyist in Pennsylvania to work on weakening tenure for teachers. She even appeared on Fox News to support Scott Walker’s union-busting in Wisconsin.

Rhee uses to post deceptively worded petitions with such titles as: “Join the Fight to Save Great Teachers” and “Pay Effective Teachers What They Deserve.” When you delve into it, she’s working to weaken unions and institute merit pay for teachers. These are insidious, corporate, anti-progressive reforms. should not be participating in Rhee’s union busting. claims that it is an open platform, but even as an open platform, they have a choice to actively promote and organize for an issue or client. If Scott Walker or John Kasich were to post a petition title “Join the Fight to Save Great Public Workers,” we would not let it stand. So we must stand up to them and let them know that this is not acceptable.

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