Stop treating a Morgue like a Butchers shop! #DignityinDeath

Stop treating a Morgue like a Butchers shop! #DignityinDeath

15 April 2018
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Anil Deshmukh (Minister for Medical Education) and 5 others
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Started by Renu Kapoor

10 bodies stacked one on top of the other in a dimly lit, tiny room with no windows and a leaky roof!

That’s the morgue in Mumbai’s St George’s hospital. In the Maximum city, the underprivileged don’t even have dignity in death.

I saw these horrible conditions with my own eyes when my driver of 42 years, Manoj died in April last year.

He died suddenly of Septicemia within 24 hours of admission at the St George's hospital in Mumbai.

Manoj was a hardworking father of two young girls. He does not deserve this mistreatment after his death.

That’s why I started this petition to revamp the morgue and post-mortem centre at the St. George’s hospital immediately.

The morgue is currently housed behind the hospital near the staff quarters, next to the dhobi ghat. It is a dilapidated broken roofed shed. The autopsy centre has two marble platforms for keeping bodies. The administrative work of the autopsy centre is carried in the same room.

But infrastructure is not the only problem. The post-mortems are performed by untrained staff. I saw a man sweating profusely in a torn vest and doubled up lungi with some instrument in his hand when I went to look for Manoj’s body.

I later found out through a media report that the post- mortem procedures are being conducted since several years by a peon who has no medical training.St George’s Hospital Mumbai is a public, government run hospital. It is supposed to cater to the medical needs of persons who can’t afford the shiny and expensive private hospitals.A media report that came out in 2016 stated that "The dilapidated structure of St George Hospital’s post-mortem centre is set to undergo much-needed redevelopment, with the hospital finally approving a ground-storey building at a new location in its backyard.“

It has been two years since but nothing has changed!

Join me in asking for dignity in death for every citizen in the city! Ask the Minister of Family Welfare of Maharashtra to immediately revamp the morgue and autopsy centre of St. George’s hospital. #Dignityindeath


This petition made change with 98,642 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Anil DeshmukhMinister for Medical Education
  • Dr MadhukarG GaikwadSuperintendent St Georges Hospital
  • Sanjay DeshmukhSecretary, Medical Education and Drugs Department, Government of Maharashtra
  • Dr. Mukund TayadeActing Dean, JJ Group of Hospitals
  • Dr Tatya RaoDirector of Medical Research and Educaiton