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Stop the Child – HUMAN TRAFFICKING Industry!!! In all over Europe (including throughout the entire world and spreading at warp speed) there is an ongoing practice of STATE governments (a) removing children from their family environements using «unjustified reasons» (legally kidnapping) and thereafter placing said child(ren) into forced «STATE» foster care.

The latter is being done for the purpose of acquiring financial GAIN/ budgetory ACCOUNTS/ staff & job SECURITY – which CPS Child Protection Services - Industry - thrives on, in order to exist/ maintain itself.

All kinds of non-sensical excuses are invoked to steal/ remove/ apprehend INNOCENT AND LOVING CHILDREN from their happy homes.

This has become / grown in to a billion dollar industry - where children are dying as a result of immoral, unethical, criminal acts and the purest form of neglect imaginable.

How can you help to change this situation? What can you do to make the MASSIVE Child Protective System network be held accountable -


Letter to
Goverments To all leader of this world
This is a girl named Donia Hassan . She died this spring in fostercare in sweden. Her mothers words;

Killed her, slowly, slowly, one piece at a time. Removed the dignity of belonging to a context. Removed all she knew about herself. Killed her identity. Places her around and violated her self-image. Prevents her contacts and told her that mom is mentally ill and can not take care of her. Moved around her in various home and she had to learn how to be alone and take adversity and clean herself in the butt when she was already 10 years old and I can not find any information on which purpose this training was good for.... Donia was abducted with a car by a social worker Lotta P. every week and she was very upset after these events. 2 adults had to calm her down . She never said a word about what they did. When we asked her if she needed help before she died she just said; it is no use because its not possible, you can not.

The socialservice says they could not have done this better and they did a good job.

Donia died alone in her room. Only 15 years old.

Sign this petition because this is growing to fast and the children are in danger. They are our future so we got to stop this now

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