Stop the White Elephant in Marinwood Park

Stop the White Elephant in Marinwood Park

July 18, 2018
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Marinwood CSD Directors and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Stephen Nestel

Stop the huge maintenance shed compound.  Let's build a "right size" garage instead.

 It’s huge. It is a 4400 square foot walled compound that is 150' long.  The main building facade is a towering wall 15’ foot high by 80' feet long. Another 10,000 square feet is needed for roads and accessory parking.  Despite the massive size, the long, narrow building cannot park all of our maintenance vehicles!

It will block access. Our nature path will be blocked. Vehicles will be forced to turn around in the meadow crushing plants and animals. Say goodbye to spring wildflowers in the meadow!

It is ridiculously expensive.  Instead of a conventional garage like every other parks department in Marin County, CSD Directors have hired a former CSD Director as the architect.  His initial fees have exceeded the cost of a prefab garage BEFORE site plan approval. At this point it is expected to cost hundreds of thousands more than a conventional garage. We cannot be certain of the total cost because the CSD has yet to establish a budget.  It is a recipe for financial disaster!

We can have a better building that respects our park, our neighbors and nature that will cost hundreds of thousands less.  We need you to stop the white elephant in Marinwood Park. 

 Let's build a "right size" garage instead.


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Signatures: 128Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Marinwood CSD Directors
  • Leah Green
  • Bill Shea
  • Izabella Perry
  • Jeff Naylor