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MAINTAIN THE TOWN OF HUNTINGTON'S CURRENT ZONING LAWS & STOP THE MALL ON JERICHO TURNPIKE - Each member of a family of voting age, can sign using their email address. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION and ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING ON THURS., MAY 17th at 7PM at Elwood Middle School Auditorium-478 Elwood Rd, Elwood, NY 11731

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*********************************************************************************************** IMPORTANT UPDATE:

The new Huntington Town Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 7pm at Elwood Middle School, 478 Elwood Rd. in the AUDITORIUM to vote on the massive 56 acre 486,000 Villadom Mall project (off Jericho Tpk and Deer Park Rd. at the corner of Manor Road, across from the Pathmark Shopping Center and Old Country Road bordering Manor Farm Park and Berkeley Jackson County Park). WE NEED YOUR HELP IN OPPOSING THIS MEGA-MALL that will significantly impact and undermine our quality of life, cause huge traffic jams with an additional 1400 vehicles per HOUR, affect our first responders' ability to get to us and to the hospital, violate the Town's Comprehensive Plan, negatively impact the environment and our water quality, change our zoning, will hurt local small businesses and will provide little tax benefit as the developer was awarded over $18 million in tax breaks. This will be the public's last and only opportunity for our voices to be heard!

As well, WE URGE YOU TO CONTACT OUR TOWN OFFICIALS and voice your opposition to this mega-mall that we don't want or need:

Chad Lupinacci: 631-351-3030,

Mark Cuthbertson: 631-351-3172,

Eugene Cook: 631-351-3174,

Joan Cergol: 631-351-3173,

Ed Smyth: 631-351-3175

Joann Raia: 631-351-3175


HISTORY: The Town of Huntington, Mark Mediavilla, and real estate developer Kouros Torkan want to change our zoning laws and build a Mega-Mall - larger than Nassau Coliseum - just 3 miles from the Walt Whitman Shops.

The $80 million, 485,000-square foot Mega-Mall would be located at the corner of East Jericho Turnpike and Manor Road in Elwood (See Appendix B below).  To accomplish this, the Huntington Town Board will alter the town's Comprehensive Plan and change the zoning at this location from R-40 Residential and C-6 General Business to C-5 Planned Shopping Center (Appendix C).  

The 50+ acre property - owned by Mediavilla - is zoned residential 1 acre lots with the exception of a small, 4 store building at the corner of Jericho and Manor.  The Mega-Mall would be constructed by Kouros Torkan's for-profit company, Villadom Corp. This company applied for and was awarded $18.8 million in tax breaks from the Suffolk IDA, bringing into question lower property taxes or school budget benefits for residents.

By signing this petition you are letting our elected officials know that you want to maintain our current zoning laws and want the Mega-Mall plans to cease.  Our reasons include the following:

·       Altering the Town's Comprehensive Plan and changing zoning laws takes away one of the most crucial reasons why families live and move to Huntington.  We choose to live here for residential neighborhoods with good schools and green space. If the residential zoning is changed, it would set dangerous precedent for more unwanted development. This means property in our neighborhoods can be sold and developed for multiple-dwelling housing, shopping centers, and other for-profit venues.   

·       We need solutions to current traffic problems in Huntington; we do not need to create more.  The proposed development is located in an awkward area of Jericho Turnpike.  The Mega-Mall would generate an additional 1,400 vehicles PER HOUR on Jericho which has been deemed "the deadliest road" on Long Island by Newsday.  Getting to the Mega-Mall from the Northern State Parkway or Long Island Expressway would require driving on Deer Park Avenue, Park Avenue or Deer Park Road.  This will adversely affect commuters who drive to Huntington Station LIRR and will detrimentally impact our first responders ability to respond to emergency calls and transportation to Huntington Hospital.  Further, the initial report on the development calls for widening of lanes in order to handle increased traffic.  This is worrisome as there are residential neighborhoods along Deer Park Road to the south, Manor Road to the west and Warner Road/Elwood Road to the east with young children and school buses whose safety is of utmost importance.  Of note, the intersections on Deer Park Road/Avenue at Old Country Road and the fork near the Dix Hills Fire Department are very dangerous (Appendix I).  

·       A Mega-Mall is absolutely unnecessary as it will hurt local, small businesses currently in existence on Jericho Turnpike and in the rest of Huntington. There are a myriad of articles and analyses written from other towns of how malls destroy downtown's and small businesses.  Simply put, we already have a high-end mall at Walt Whitman, just 3 miles away from the proposed site, and we need to support the shops in Huntington Village!

·       The proposed development would change parts of Mediavilla Orchard, affect the steep slope area bordering Berkeley Jackson County Park and destroy natural sand dunes from glaciers, verdant tall woods and open land for commercial buildings and a parking lot consisting of 1,700 parking stalls. The full environmental impact remains unknown.  There are long-term questions regarding air and water pollution, particularly since the location sits on all three parts of our aquifer and is just across the street from the Greenlawn Water District tower and pump.  Wildlife preservationists are concerned about the Red Tail Hawks, Great Horned Owls, and Box Turtles that live in this area.  The threatened Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid grows there in the spring.

Perhaps Mark Mediavilla could work with concerned residents to find a more beautiful and responsible use for this space according to its residential R-40 zoning set forth in the Comprehensive Plan?  Perhaps developer Kouros Torkan can just simply leave Huntington alone and build a 50+ acre Mega-Mall near his multimillion dollar homes in Nassau and the Hamptons instead?

Our elected officials serve the residents of the Town of Huntington first.  As such, they need to think of the quality of life of those who put them in office.  The Comprehensive Plan is clear: Leave zoning at Mediavilla Orchard as it is.

Please sign this petition to support maintaining our zoning laws and stop Mega-Mall development.  Spread the word and let Huntington officials know its citizens love the town and want to make it more beautiful for current and future families – Lets do this together!


FYI:  Documents related to the development can be found on Huntington's government website.  Go to link to the Town's Comprehensive Plan and an independent traffic report.  They are followed by the reports submitted by the developer, Nassau County's Kouros Torkan.  These are NOT independent reports:

Horizons 2020 Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Huntington
(FYI the mall proposal violates several parts, most notably zoning, but also the vision statement and plan elements) 

(Completed after developer put forth his bc of quality issues)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement http://filestorage/13749/13847/16804/16874/16878/20874/Syndicated_Ventures_DEIS.pdf

Appendix A: Environmental Assessment Form

Appendix B: Planning and Zoning Analysis

Appendix C:  Photographs

Appendix D: SONIR Computer Model-Related Documents

Appendix E: Ecology-Related Documentation

Appendix F: Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis and Assessment of Needs and Benefits

Appendix G: Community Service Correspondence

Appendix H: Cultural Resource Reports

Appendix I: Traffic Impact Study

Appendix J: Greenlawn Water District Groundwater Quality Data

Appendix K: Reduced Density Site Plan