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Stop the use of veal crates in 42 States.

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Despite overwhelming opposition, only 8 states in the U.S. have banned the use of veal crates. Hundreds of thousands of calves killed for veal are tethered by the neck inside crates so narrow, they cannot even turn around. This severe restriction of movement prevents calves from developing muscle and results in the tenderness for which veal meat is prized. Crated calves are virtually immobilized for their entire 16 weeks of life, enduring extreme social, physical, sensory and emotional deprivation. They suffer tremendously. Worst of all, this practice continues because big corporations are trying to make a few extra dollars.

It is an outrage that this treatment is acceptable. Cows are living creatures with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

We need to follow suit in what other countries are doing; Veal crates have been prohibited in Britain since 1990, and they were phased out of all European Union member countries by 2007. Only 8 states have outlawed the use of veal crates in the U.S. Please give support in order to end this terrible practice.

Thank you,

Alex Tager

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