Petitioning Mayor of Austin Lee Leffingwell and 11 others

Stop the use of inhumane steel leg hold traps to trap and destroy coyotes in Blunn Creek In Austin, Texas

We as people of Austin love our wildlife and see no evidence of any real threat by the Coyotes in Blunn Creek Preserve.

We ask that the trapping and killing of these beautiful animals be immediately stopped and the money spent on signs in Blunn Creek Preserve.Keep Austin Wild. Please change this plan and be humane.

Letter to
Mayor of Austin Lee Leffingwell
Director Texas Wildlife Services Michael J. Bodenchuk
Austin Parks and Recreation, City of Austin Troy Houtman Manager
and 9 others
Austin City Council Chris Riley, Austin City Council
Director Of Austin Parks and Recreation Sara Hensley
Austin City Manager Marc Ott
Austin City Council Bill Spelman
Austin City Council Laura Morrison
Austin City Council Kathie Tovo
Austin City Council Sheryl Cole
Austin City Council Mike Martinez
House District 51 Eddie Rodriguez
Stop the inhumane trapping and killing of Coyotes in Blunn Creek. Trapping a mammal capable of forming affectional bonds in steel leg hold traps in triple digit heat, is not Austin.