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Arctic Army is a UK clothing brand which mainly makes jackets. Shockingly, many of these are made using fur from raccoons. Animals farmed for fur are usually held in unbearably small cages, and suffer fear, stress and physical hardship. We cannot allow this brazen disregard for animal suffering to continue for the sake of fashion. That’s why I’m calling on Arctic Army to immediately stop using animal fur.

Fur farming was banned in Britain in 2000, which means fur for sale legally here has been imported. Undercover reports have exposed some of the horrific abuses that take place in the supply chain to bring us real fur - including animals skinned alive in China and turned into luxury coats in the West. It’s unclear how Arctic Army acquire theirs - but there is no such thing as cruelty-free real fur.

Worst of all, their use of real fur is completely unnecessary. Arctic Army already has ‘faux fur’ options that do not involve any animal suffering. This petition gives the company an opportunity protect raccoons from further harm, while opening up their market up to people like me who love fashion but hate animal cruelty.

I have already tried to contact the company directly to find out more about how they source their fur. They replied to say their fur is “certified and traceable”. But when I asked if it was ethically sourced I received no further replies.

An animal's life is worth more than trimming on a coat or a texture on a jacket. Please sign my petition to help us convince Arctic Army to do the right thing and stop using animal fur.