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Stop The Use of Animal Gas Chambers

It makes me very sad that animal gas chambers are still in use.
In the gas chamber, the animals fight each other for the last breath of air. The gas burns their insides, eyes, and lungs. In some animal shelters, dogs are packed in with cats, small dogs are packed in with large dogs and even cats, puppies, kittens, and even pregnant dogs and cats. In some shelters, live animals are packed into the gas chamber with dead ones. Any wounds on the animals are likely to explode.
Shelter workers have to walk outside and go far away from the gas chamber because the cries of the animals inside of it are so loud and unbearable.

Also, this is harming us, too. The gases are released into our atmosphere which can cause cancer to humans and animals and kill plants.

Please ban animal gas chambers. Lets make a change and go humane!

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