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Stop the use of all Warfarin products to eradicate Feral Pig populations.

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Texas has approved “Kaput Feral Hog Lure,” to be used to kill feral hogs. It is a warfarin pesticide, and said to have limited risk to other creatures. 

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The makers enclosed pamphlet states opposite of several claims that the product is very safe. Please read the following. 


There is mention of non target animals and various other warnings. 

Wildlife Centers can verify that the results of warfarin products do create secondary poisonings. 

The Texas Hog Hunters Association has members state that the use of Warfarin places their food supply at risk, and that death by poison is not a humane method to harvest. It actually prevents harvest because the organs and meat can not be eaten by humans or other animals.m

Regardless of anyone's stance on hunting,  a currently placed projectile is instant versus an animal dying a slow death of poison. Both methods have had much study, and can be verified.  

Warfarin in hogs has very limited study, and leaves many questions regarding the risk it may present verses what those that support its use have stated in various news articles.

We kindly ask that the decision to use Warfarin be reversed, and those with other options to address the hog issues be allowed to present their ideas to the state for consideration.

There are other options available to solve the feral pig problems without using poisons that place humans, other animals, and the environment at risk. 

Please study this subject and consider signing.


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Thank you for your time to study this issue and consider signing, and sharing. 


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