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Free Caspersen Beach

The cultural diversity of Sarasota County is well known.  However, the desires of some groups and cultures seem to be ignored, shunned, and harassed. Many attempts to get portions of beaches designated as clothing-optional have failed because of the stereotype pinned on these people. The large populations of Nudists and Naturists in Florida for the most part have to hide in private places to practice their beliefs.  The popularity of clothing optional beaches around the world is growing at a significant rate.  As Pasco County has shown, clothing-optional businesses are an important part of their tourist economy.  One of the most successful beaches designated in our state as clothing optional is Haulover Beach Park in Miami, FL. Much of their success is due to supporting organizations such as the B.E.A.C.H.E.S Foundation Institute , South Florida Free Beaches and self policing by volunteers to ensure their is no improper behavior or damage to the environment.  Those who participate in nudism and naturism do it for nonsexual reasons.  They do it for personal comfort, a sense of freedom, self-esteem, and well-being.  The Suncoast Naturists will work with supporting organizations such as  AANR-Florida, TNS and those mentioned above representing thousands of Floridians, many of which are Sarasota County constituents, to ensure a 1/4 mile of of Caspersen Beach set aside for this purpose does not have any illegal activity occurring, show consideration for others, protect environment, and promote a positive diverse Sarasota County.  

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