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Stop the unjust extradition of Hamza Yalcin and Free him now!

   Please read and sign this petition and help pressure the Spanish and Swedish ministries in doing the right thing. 

  Hamza Yalcin is a 59-year-old Swedish/Turkish journalist, author, pedagogue and an activist for human rights and equality. He has been beaten and arrested by Spanish police officers on August 3rd, 2017 in Barcelona, due to a warrant issued by the Turkish government via Interpol. Hamza is currently detained in Martorell prison in Barcelona and faces a serious risk of being extradited to Turkey, where more than 200 journalists are awaiting trial.

  Yalcin sought asylum to Sweden in 1984. He has not set foot in Turkey since 1994 when Yalcin was persecuted by the Turkish authorities and sentenced to life due to his political commitment to achieve democracy, equality and fundamental human rights in Turkey. In Sweden, he has worked as a writer, educator and is an active member of Amnesty International and Författarförbundet, a Swedish organization for authors. Yalcin is the former chief-editor and a regular writer for the Odak Magazine, a monthly Socialist Turkish magazine. Yalcin, in his columns, persistently criticizes Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s mission to become a dictator in Turkey and Erdogan’s terroristic policies to diminish democracy, minorities, workers, women and fundamental human rights.

  The sole purpose of the Interpol system is to prevent and catch transnational and terrorism crimes. The Turkish state abuses the Interpol system by fabricating lies and warranting arrests without evidence against those who defend democracy by simply criticizing the Turkish state. Hamza Yalcin is a victim of such a lies and fabrications of the Turkish state.

  I believe Hamza Yalcin’s arrest and possible extradition aids Erdogan’s tyrannize and war against democracy. The Swedish government needs to act in pressuring the Spanish government to free a Swedish citizen from being unjustly extradited to Turkey, where he will face an unjust judiciary system.

I want the unjust extradition of Hamza Yalcin to stop and I want him to be freed now!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Spain Minister of Justice
    Rafael Catalá Polo
  • Spain Minister of Home Affairs
    Juan Ignacio Zoido Álvarez
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain
    Alfonso María Dastis Quecedo
  • Ambassador of Spanish Embassy in Stockholm
    Gabriel Busquets
  • Sweden Minister for Foreign Affairs
    Margot Wallström
  • Honorary Consul General
    Kristina Stenhammar Geli
  • Press Secretary to Foreign Minister
    Erik Wirkensjo

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