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Stop the truly horrific dog/cat meat trade

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THE TRUE HORRORS OF THE CAT AND DOG MEAT TRADE, FULL STORY HERE here you see a truck crammed full of cats/dogstheir cries of pleas only point onto deaf ears. Up to 500 dogs/cats are stuffed into trucks, crammed so tightly some dogs/cats even die there, they dream of their freedom where they can run around, have fun and play with toys, instead they're on their way to be butchered for their meat, ie for soups and casseroles. The restaurants in china can pay good money, sometimes reaching $200 per pet.These terrified innocent animals do not deserve this horrific treatment, animal activists even tried to stop the truck leaving but was beaten by thugs, utterly disgusting.  Many cats and dogs are boiled alive before ending up on dinner plates, and many people around the world are completely horrified and disgusted by the way China treats their is truly sickening that our greatest friends have this agonising terror inflicted onto them. Yeah I am utterly disgusted how anyone can treat our best friends this way.many animals in china are often bludgeoned with iron bars again and again. These animals are our loving companions, we musn't stand by and let it carry on Please tell the Chinese government it must come to an end , once and for all.

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