STOP the Train

STOP the Train

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Why this petition matters

Started by Michelle Russell

The Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCS) by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) in Docket No. FD 36500 is an unprecedentedly large - 31 BILLION DOLLARS - and monopolistic merger that essentially will serve as an above-ground, railway-train-carried pipeline of hazardous materials (tar oil and other) from Canada and over 19,200 miles in the United States, through hundreds of large and small towns along the way.

This proposed merger will prove devastating to the towns through which it is routed, as well as be a high and constant daily risk to not only those living within close proximity to it, but also to the United States environment as a whole.

The Keystone Pipeline, proposed for 10 years and ultimately dismantled and abandoned in 2021 thanks to popular protest (YOU) voicing relentless appeal to governing bodies to reject it (President Biden rejected the permit as his first act of presidency), attempted the same goal as this CP / KPS merger hopes to achieve - moving hazardous materials across and through the United States. It was shut down after 10 years of rigorous protest. WE CAN DO THIS. Please ask the Surface Transportation Board to REJECT the merger by signing YOUR NAME to this petition:

Dear Chairman Martin J. Oberman and Members Patrick J. Fuchs, Michelle A. Schultz, Robert E. Primus, and Karen J. Hedlund of the Surface Transportation Board:

I respectfully request that you reject the proposed acquisition of Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCS) by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) in Docket No. FD 36500.

I implore you to put the best interest of my fellow signors and me, above that of the Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railways.

I  am, and my fellow petitioners are, United States of America citizens who value small town America, which is severely compromised and negatively impacted by the proposed railway merger.

The proposed CP / KCS merger will at least triple the train traffic through my hometown and will devastate the quality of life in our communities on a daily, annual, and forever basis.

In practical usage and environmental impact, the proposed CP / CPS merger is simply a railway iteration of the formerly proposed, and thankfully abandoned, Keystone Pipeline.

For the sake of our children, our towns, and our country, please vote NO and reject the merger.

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1,000 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!