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Started by Caroline Shuffrey

The South Fulham traffic camera scheme has created congestion, pollution and havoc on Wandsworth Bridge Road and on the side streets to the west side. Traffic has been displaced while the industrial-sized Imperial Road lies empty. Hammersmith and Fulham council (LBHF) have created a segregated area in south Fulham, where non-residents are not welcome; businesses have lost customers and women are frequently forced to walk home alone after dark. Cabinet has now approved a new scheme in the west and 10 more LTNs across the whole borough . In doing so, it is not conducting a proper, democratic consultation because it knows the plan is unpopular. Instead, it is engaging with a minority pressure groups in favour of the scheme.

LBHF's own website shows that it has upheld over 145K of penalty fines conservatively earning a MASSIVE £9.5 Million since the scheme was imposed in July 2020. Now it proposes raising further enormous sums  by fining out of borough traffic £130 each time they pass through the cameras on the west side of Wandsworth Bridge Road without a permit. 

If you are concerned, sign the petition to stop the exclusion zone spreading. More details are below.

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The initial phase Sands End East traffic camera scheme was imposed by Hammersmith & Fulham Council (LBHF) claiming, unjustifiably, to have the support of 90% of residents . Now LBHF has approved a new experimental scheme to the west and 10 other LTNs across the whole borough.

The cameras make huge money , a minimum of £9.5 million to end January 2022 for the Council; but they have caused chaos for residents and local businesses, as anyone coming by road from outside the borough is penalised for visiting without a permit. Drivers have been charged multiple times during one visit to the area. What’s worse, high numbers of penalty charge notices have been cancelled because they were incorrectly issued, causing unnecessary anxiety and wasting taxpayers money. Traffic has been displaced, creating much more congestion and pollution on Wandsworth Bridge Road and the nearby side streets. Women are dropped on main roads, because drivers are confused and alienated by the scheme, leaving them feeling scared and vulnerable as they are forced to walk the last part of their journey alone after dark. 

LBHF has not consulted democratically with all residents.

If the proposed scheme goes ahead, cameras across the whole of South Fulham will cause massive congestion and pollution along all A roads in the area, slowing all traffic – buses, cars, delivery and emergency vehicles – and creating danger for pedestrians, cyclists and residents. Wandsworth Bridge Road, New Kings Road, Fulham Road, Fulham Palace Road, Fulham Broadway, Harwood Road and beyond will all be negatively impacted. LBHF claims that traffic will “evaporate”; but this didn’t happen when Imperial Road was closed to non-borough through traffic. Instead, it was displaced, inefficiently, to the west side of Wandsworth Bridge Road. As traffic is displaced to other parts of the borough, the council plans to put up more cash-generating cameras. There is nowhere for the traffic to go because Hammersmith Bridge is closed to delivery vehicles and cars. 

The scheme operates 24/7 by imposing fines of £130 on drivers from outside the borough for turning off the main roads without a permit! Visiting friends, family, carers, tradesmen, delivery drivers, including takeaway deliveries, are now all excluded from using roads they have been entitled to use for decades. Understandably, taxis and car hire firms are now unwilling to service the area. What is fast becoming an unpopular exclusion zone will not only damage the economic prospects of small businesses in Fulham; it will also harm our community as people will not want to live in an area that is badly congested, difficult to reach and blighted by traffic cameras. 

If we don’t stop this now, by encouraging family, friends, customers and suppliers to sign this petition, LBHF will put up these extortionate, revenue-raising cameras all over the borough; and we will blame ourselves forever for not protesting loudly enough. 

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11,341 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!