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Stop The Torture and Killing of Live Domestic Rabbits Used as Hunting Bait!

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According to this video - Beagles on Fire (Mr. Wring) is seen pulling a dead black rabbit of of the dog pen while tugging it from the dogs locked jaw.

The rabbit was removed after it was repeatedly attacked and bitten by a pack of hunting dogs, chased while banging off of the fence trying to escape, then dragged by it's face until it died from the barbaric torture, abuse, injuries, shock and terror.  

Beagles on Fire stopped posting new photos and videos when this petition was posted however,
according to Beagles on Fire you can find this barbaric cruelty still being practiced to date on their website referencing the past videos explaining how to train their dogs and yours.  Rabbits for Sale by Beagles on Fire (pdf)   
Photos posted are currently referenced on their website
Videos are currently referenced on their website and on youtube (Youtube Graphic Warning).

This cruel barbaric protocol is the same practice of using rabbits to train greyhounds, a practice that has been banned in other states.
ANIMALS--CRUELTY TO ANIMALS--DOG TRAINING--use of live or dead rabbits in the training of greyhounds as violative of cruelty to animals statute and animal fighting act.  According to the American Greyhound Council, all state laws prohibit the use of live lures in training dogs or racing dogs.  Dogs are natural born predators that chase and hunt by instinct. 

We the petitioners respectfully request
the state of Mississippi honor their animal cruelty laws, request a full investigation into this unlawful practice of using live tame rabbits as bait for hunting training breeding/beagles and file animal cruelty charges on David Wring of Beagles On Fire for the intentional inhumane torturing and killing of tame domestic rabbits and for breeding the rabbits to sell for the same purpose while teaching others this inhumane barbaric cruelty.

The practice of willfully putting live domesticated rabbits in enclosures with hunting dogs, from which they cannot escape is a violation of animal cruelty law § 97-41-1. Cruelty to living creatures and constitutes animal abuse while causing significant pain, extreme terror and suffering for the rabbit.

Mississipi Law § 97-41-2. Seizure of mistreated animal

(1) "All courts in the State of Mississippi may order the seizure of an animal by a law enforcement agency, for its care and protection upon a finding of probable cause to believe said animal is being cruelly treated, neglected or abandoned".  
The Animal Welfare Act is Federal law in the United States and regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers.   In this case the event of hunting training is conducted by a Dealer of hunting dogs,  which involves the use of one or more animals hunting another and the rabbits are being used as Live Bait, this practice directly relates to § 2156 - Animal fighting venture -Prohibition.

See a tame rabbit cornered and tortured on the Beagles on Fire Website, look closely to find the little rabbits head peeking out from under the body of 9 dogs piled on top of the rabbit. 
Click on the pic to see the fun  - Helpless Tame Domestic Prey Animals being attacked, tormented and killed by predators.  

Ethical alternatives exist and are being used by the American Kennel Club that do not involve the torture and killing of sentient, intelligent creatures.

The FBI Now Considers Animal Abuse a Class A Felony   


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