Stop the third party sale of puppies in the UK flown in from countries like Russia

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I noticed recently a well known couple in the media purchased a puppy from a UK “breeder” known as Tiffany Puppies - @tiffany_puppies on Instagram. I believe they are based here in the UK in Cheshire as it is mentioned in their bio that they are licensed breeder in Cheshire... but written in the bio it also mentions they are from the best breeders in Russia. If the breeder is in Russia the breeder can not also be in the UK they would be the third party seller. 

Why do we need to fly puppies over from Russia?? A poor puppy being put under that amount of stress at such a young age. This cannot be good for the health of such a young pup. 

Lucy’s Law was brought in April 2020 to ban the sale of pups from a third party sellers. It suggests a buyer should be able to physically see a puppy interact with its mother in its place of birth. Why this may fall into a grey area whether it breaks Lucys Law, i still believe it to be unjust and therefore I feel the government laws need adjusting to protect these animals.

If the dogs are coming from Russia who is actually seeing the conditions that they are living in. They may see videos but surely nothing is as good as seeing the mother in real life with her healthy puppies prior to purchasing. 

I have no evidence that the puppies are coming from a farm in Russia (although there is speculation), if anyone does I would welcome they share their evidence. My main point is that I personally don’t think morally It is right that these poor animals are being transported over 1500 miles across the world when we have UK based breeders breeding the same breed of dogs. 

The poor puppy I am refer to has sadly passed away after 5 days of being with its new family. This shouldn’t be happening.

I want the government investigate this immediately and potentially ban the importation of puppies for third party sale in the UK.

I started this petition to raise awareness to the public about this issue and hopefully gain the support of the RSPCA and other animal welfare charities.

There are plenty of dogs here in the UK that need homes we shouldn’t be flying in puppies from other countries to sell at ridiculous prices to unsuspecting dog loving people. 


I am appealing for any information about anyone who has had a similar experience with UK breeders please email-