Stop the Streaming of the new Casey Anthony documentary

Stop the Streaming of the new Casey Anthony documentary

November 14, 2022
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Stop Peacock from airing the documentary “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies” from airing November 29th. Peacock is exploiting the death of a toddler for money. 

Casey Anthony got away with the ruthless murder of her child and is now having a TV show about it. If you are not familiar with the case, I provided some details below. 

Casey Anthony, knows as “Americas Most Hated Mom” is having a documentary released on November 29th that aims to “answer common misconceptions” and “tell her side of the story” 

-On the month her daughter, Caylee Anthony, went missing, she was out partying, getting tattoos, and lied to police about it. On July 18th 2008, she was arrested for child neglect and claimed she was left with a babysitter and when given the name, it turned out that the babysitter didn’t exist and the woman named had no connection to Anthony. This woman later sued Anthony for defamation.

-Her daughters body was found in a wooded area behind the Anthony household, and had duct tape. Casey claimed the death was from drowning, which makes no sense as to why there was duct tape, and why there was no 911 call of her child had drowned.


-A computer from the Anthony household searched “how to make chloroform” and ON THE DAY CAYLEE WENT MISSING (6-16-08) there was a search from the Anthony household computer on “foolproof suffocation”

Does this look like a mom worried about her missing child?

Casey Anthony 4 days after her daughters disappearance

-On June 20th, she went to a bar and participated in a “hot body” contest. Her boyfriend at the time claimed that around those days she was very happy as normal. 

-Casey Anthony’s mom made a 911 call about her missing granddaughter, and claimed that Casey’s  car smelled of a dead body. (Crime scene investigators also confirmed this smell) Authorities found Caylees hair in the trunk, and post Mortem banding showed that this was hair from a dead body, not living one.

-Air sample evidence from Casey’s trunk showed there was human decomposition occurring in her trunk.

- Cadaver Dogs picked up the scent of human decomposition 

-This isn’t even everything pointing to Casey murdering her daughter. But sparking outrage, she was found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. It was clear that she did this, but due to a “lack of evidence” and failing to actually prove that Caylee was murdered, they believed her drowning story and she was acquitted. 

 -She was found on 4 counts of misdemeanor for providing false evidence to law enforcement.

This woman murdered her child, Caylee Anthony. She should not be given a platform of any sort furthermore. She should be in jail, but unfortunately that’s not my choice to make. She will be getting paid for this interview. She is exploiting the death of her daughter, and we cannot let Peacock broadcast this. Look at that child and think of the justice she deserved but was never given. Please help me in my fight to stop this. We can’t bring back Caylee but we can still fight for her.


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Signatures: 1,206Next Goal: 1,500
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