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The BC Environment Ministry has been engaged in an activity of sterilizing both male & female wolves in a non-lethal attempt to control their population. While this activity may on the surface seem benign compared to shooting wolves from helicopters, it does have very serious consequences for wolf pack structure. For the past few years in BC, the sterilization of wolves, both male and female, is being performed by vets. It is a severely unethical practice which must be opposed in the strongest way.  Please take action and sign  Thank you Source: Canadian Wolf Coalition  

Letter to
Canadian Wolf Coalition  Gary Allan
BC Williams Lake Vet Hospital
BC Environment Minister  Terry Lake
and 1 other
BC Minister of Natural Resources Operations  Steve Thomson
I am kindly requesting you to stop any of your vets who might be involved in the degrading process of sterilizing wolves.

This practice is attracting a great deal of controversy & concern by naturalists, environmentalists & other concerned citizens. Currently in BC, there is an experimental wolf sterilization project situated in the Quesnel Highlands. Information obtained from recent reports of this sterilization project indicate that 3 wolves have been killed during this project. One wolf died under anesthetic, one died while trapped - it was killed by other wolves before the wolf staff could get to the trapped wolf, one died due to a broke leg because it was trapped & had to be put down.

A growing number of wolf biologists are seriously questioning this form of so-called non-lethal wolf control. These biologists are warning that this sterilization causes stress in the pack & given that hunters are killing the sterilized wolves, it now means the pack is fertile again, defeating their own objective. One wolf biologist refers to this sterilization as slow murder to the wolf. Due to very strong public opposition, a wolf sterilization project was stopped before it commenced in Alberta of all places.

Does the BCVMA have a policy on the sterilization of wild animals? And in particular on wolves? Given the aforementioned injury & death to & during sterilization, it would appear to be in violation of the Canadian Veterinary Oath:
"I will strive to promote animal health & welfare, relieve animal suffering, protect the health of the public & the environment, & advance comparative medical knowledge."

It also raises a strong ethical concern: What right do we have to sterilize a wild animal? Particularly when we do not know the long-term effects of this sterilization on the animal & the ecosystem it lives in. The public perception of veterinarians is a profession who is concerned with animal health & welfare. In fact the BCVMA Code of Ethics Bylaw(#7) states, "A veterinarian should keep in mind that the practice of veterinary medicine is an honourable & learned profession."

If your veterinarian members are engaged in the practice of sterilizing wolves, I would submit it is an activity which will bring dishonour to your members and will tarnish the reputation of your profession. I would ask that if any of your members are engaged in this activity, that they stop performing this harmful procedure.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in this matter.