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Stop the Sneak Attack on Clean Water


Big polluters and their allies in Congress are waging an assault on protections for our clean drinking water.

Supreme Court decisions on the Clean Water Act have created confusion over what waterways can be protected. Now, some in Congress are trying to help polluters by limiting clean water safeguards.

This would leave more than 10,000 wetlands, streams, rivers, and lakes (including over 5,000 sources of public drinking water supplies) unprotected from polluters.

We need your help today to protect our rivers and make sure our drinking water stays safe and clean. Send a letter your Senators today. Tell them to restore the scope of the Clean Water Act to cover all streams and wetlands -- and stop the assault on clean water.


Letter to
U.S. Senate
As a supporter of American Rivers, I am writing to urge you to protect America's clean water from polluters.

Since 2001, more than 10,000 wetlands, streams, rivers, and lakes including over 5,000 sources of public drinking water supplies were declared unprotected as a result of two Supreme Court decisions which put protections for our waters into question. Please expand protections for our streams that provide clean drinking water for 117 million Americans in communities across the country.

All waters must receive protection—upstream waters must be protected from pollution and destruction if we expect downstream waters to be fit for swimming, drinking, and wildlife, and if we want to protect downstream communities from flooding.

Americans care deeply about having safe water to drink and healthy rivers, lakes, and streams to swim and fish in. I urge you to put people before polluters by ensuring critical protections for our clean water.

Thank you for considering my request.


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