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Stop the Slaughters


The slaughters of wolves, bears, and other wildlife in both Alaska and the Northern Rockies, is against all scientifically supported wildlife management, and damages our ecology irreparably.  The aerial gunning being used for these slaughters is well known to wildlife scientists and workers as "canned hunting", and is extraordinarily cruel.  This atrocity is being openly funded by Safari Club International, known primarily for its association to all forms of "canned hunting".  Certainly wolves will be extinct in the lower 48, following awful genetic damage, if current plans aren't stopped completely.  The loss of species known as top predators, creates profound and far reaching damage, for other wildlife and surrounding ecologies; qualified specialists, while representing a united front against this atrocity, are concerned about the destruction of crucial American ecologies in their entirety as well.  That top predators are generally the most glamorized animals, and are endangered now, is the reason for Safari Club International's unusually open aggression, in "trophy" seeking.  A united front of wildlife scientists and the world's most highly regarded wildlife and environmental non-profit organizations, has tried to tell us that the only rationale provided for this barbarism is entirely unsupported by available data, and dangerous as well.  Yet we're allowing this American nightmare to continue, making a "canned hunt" of our nation and its most cherished and representative species, presenting complete irrationality and irreversible stains of terrible shame, before the world.  Apathy and gullibility are no longer options for Americans; we have to demand accountability and respect for our values.


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