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Petitioning Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Industry


In a small town on the coast of Japan, known as Taiji, an inhumane and bloody slaughter happens daily. And they slaughter the most innocent of all creatures. Dolphins. The creatures who are always smiling, swimming, singing, surfing, and splashing in the sunset. The only creature known to have saved a human life. Every year about 23,000 dolphins are killed. The dolphins who are supposed to be happily singing and swimming in the beautiful country of Japan are now being massacred in the most brutal way. They're stabbed over and over with long, metal poles. Then with long hooks they're pulled onto the small boats to be taken away. But there are about 20 dolphins every day that face a different scenario. They're sold off to dolphin trainers, sea aquariums, and theme parks. There they are enslaved and forced to do tricks for the amusement of people. This dolphin slaughter is the largest in the world. And you can see how the sea turns literally blood red after the slaughter. The dolphins who are the most innocent of any sea creatures, are herded, trapped, than stabbed in ways that should be illegal. After the slaughter there's no more swimming, no more singing, no more surfing while the sun turns blood red and drifts below the horizon, no more jumping and splashing, and no more singing. There's silence. Forever. Thank you for taking time to read this letter, you can feel how incredibly disturbing this whole thing is. And I don't know about you, but I'm ready to end the slaughter, and we will accomplish this goal, whatever it takes. Thank you.

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