Stop The Senseless Killing at The County of San Bernardino Animal Shelter Devore Facility


Mahatma Gandhi — 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.'

County of San Bernardino Animal Shelter Devore Facility

They have done it again!
Do nothing and maybe it will get better?
That didn't work, we tried.

No matter how hard we try, and by WE, I mean the rescues, networkers, animal activists and lovers of LIFE, they think that they can kill whenever and whoever they please.

32 empty kennels and they killed 3 HEALTHY dogs - one who was pregnant!! With all of the empty kennels, who would have expected the manager to order more be KILLED?  BTW - the dog in the photo was one of the three killed :( 

Where are the Council Members, Assemblyman , Media, and the people who are suppose to be protecting our pets? Someone needs to step up and help! This shelter is THE HOLOCAUST of animal shelters; please don't blame staff, they need their jobs and don't like it anymore than we do, nor are they the decision makers. Greg Beck and Brian Cronin, both preside over the Health Department at Devore and never wanted rescues at Devore - they control all decisions there! WE need YOUR SUPPORT to help them or tomorrow it will happen again. Talking and complaining has gotten us nowhere! Email anyone and everyone!

Together let's do this folks, they need us!

These innocents needed help and shelter, not a manager having a bad day making life and death decisions.

EMAIL these people! Be a VOICE for the animals who have no voice!

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  • Supervisor Rutherford
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