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Stop The Selling Of Parrots

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Parrots, Macaws, and Cockatoos are wonderful animals. There intelligent, beautiful and one of the most trafficked animal on the planet. Annually there are millions of parrots and other birds that are poached and transported. Fueled by the demand of the pet trade. The truth of the matter is parrots and macaws are wild animals, not pets. They belong in the wild, not in a cage.

A majority of the birds being sold are the result of illegal poaching. The birds are smuggled in the most horrific of way. They have been stuffed in tooth paste tubes, stockings, and toilet paper tubes to glove compartments, tire wells, and hubcaps. And that is after they have been injured and maimed by nets and sticky traps that glue the legs of the bird to a branch.

The birds that are breed fair no better. They are kept in rows of cages, in unsanitary conditions with hardly any room to move. The conditions are not unlike those of puppy mills. The factories will breed the birds to death, just so they can keep pumping out more birds to meet the demand of the pet trade.


Birds are beautiful creatures that are meant to be free, not caged. A famous saying goes "if you love something, set it free". The reality is not everyone who owns a parrot or macaw has the means to care for it. This results in many of the poor birds been neglected.

Pet stores like Petco, Petsmart and Petland are contributing to the suffering of these beautiful birds. They are fueling the demand for the exotic birds. Pet Stores can make a difference by not selling the birds. 

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