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Tell the Board of Education: African Americans must correct and write their own history

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There is more to U.S. African American history than slavery and the Civil Rights Crusade! In fact there are many “so-called” American Negro, African American and American Blacks who played a major role as heroes in the construction and development of the United States of America from its inception till now. It is imperative to our nation’s cultural, spiritual and physical integrity and to our children’s future to do more than acknowledge these heroes, but we the “so-called” American Negro, African American and American Blacks must write them in the American History curriculum, because it is part of our cultural bloodstream and the secret of who we are.[1]

                                          He who controls history

George Orwell said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” And for a little more than a century ago, the American Negro was forbidden to speak of their pre-enslavement history, because it was the policy of the American enslaver to strip the captives of all that bound them as a historical society and their humanity. This brand of enslavement is defined by sociologist Antonio Gramski, as Cultural Hegemony; the concept that a diverse culture can be ruled or dominated by one group or class by removing their everyday practices and shared beliefs.[2] “The American Negro holocaust” depleted almost all knowledge of our pre-enslavement history, propelling the Negro and their offspring into a people without a cultural base from which to reconstruct a positive identity once physically freed. Thus the ability to return to normal function even under legal freedoms was made highly improbable, as these seemingly minor extractions guaranteed inherited failure.

                          He who controls the past controls the future

Just like Dr. Carter Goodwin Woodson, professor and founder of the “Association for the study of Negro Life and History,” we must extend our efforts to write our “so-called” American Negro, African American and American Black heroes imported within the American education curriculum. Once given the ability to access documented achievements developed by the American Negro that contributed to America’s greatness, our children will became inspired to determine a higher personal value, purpose and expectation to their lives.


This petition will be presented to policy makers, government officials and all others who hold the power to correct this existing oversight. All Americans will benefit from this proposed alteration. That is why everyone is encouraged to sign this petition and join the outcry for this important change.

[1] Simon Schama “A History of Brtian”                                                     [2]Anderson, Perry. "The Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci”. New Left Review 100 (1976): 5-78.

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