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Petitioning Walmart and other Grocery Chain CEOs

Stop the Sale of Monsanto's Unlabeled Bt Toxin Sweet Corn to Consumers


You might want to think twice about food shopping at Walmart before the next family barbecue. The store has admitted it will start selling genetically engineered sweet corn – the first such sweet corn to be widely available as a whole, unprocessed food on American supermarket shelves.

The sweet corn has been genetically engineered to withstand large amounts of Roundup weed-killer and also to produce a pesticide, Bt toxin, within the corn itself. Yum, a little butter and salt with that?

This is the first time Monsanto has engineered a vegetable that could be served straight to your dinner table. Its health impacts on humans are largely unknown - but if this unlabeled and potentially dangerous products succeeds, Monsanto is sure to bring us even more. Even worse, if the product is successful at Walmart, even more grocery chains may start selling unlabeled GMO produce directly to consumers.

In light of this information, what’s a consumer to do? How can we tell if the sweet corn on our barbecue is genetically engineered?

We can’t, until we get labeling.

Please sign and share widely. Help us give consumers a choice about purchasing potentially dangerous GMOs, and stop the sale of unlabeled Bt toxin sweet corn at Walmarts and other grocery stores across the country.

Letter to
Walmart and other Grocery Chain CEOs
I recently heard that Walmart stores plan to begin carrying genetically engineered sweet corn with no sort of packaging or label to inform consumers about it. This corn has been altered to withstand large amounts of Roundup weed-killer and to produce its own pesticide, Bt toxin, which can't be washed off.

I am concerned about the potential health consequences of feeding this product to my family and my children. I believe that I have a right to know which products have been genetically engineered so that I can make this decision for myself.

I am calling on Walmart and other grocery chains today to label genetically engineered sweet corn and other genetically engineered products sold in their stores. As a consumer, I have a right to know what I am putting in my body, and parents deserve to know what they are feeding their children.

Thank you,

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