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Walmart does not care about their fish one little bit. They treat their animals horribly, and sometimes not ever even feed them. Bettas have it the worst with less than 1/2 inch of water, and water that is barely see through. With piles of dead fish on the bottom of tanks, and alage covering the sides and borroms of tanks.

This needs to be stopped. We call, email, everything. Nothing ever happens, and Walmart doesn't want to deal with the issue!

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Letter to
CEO of Walmart Mike Duke
The fish conditions in many of your stores are horrific. Dead fish, disgusting water, no food, just to name a couple.

Bettas are swimming in 1/2 inch of water, and die when all the water evaporates. No sign of food in any of the containers. Horrible.

Along with the other fish, no food seems to be provided either. No gravel, plants, anything in their tanks. I understand that it is not required, but how would you like living in a house with no furniture? Not much fun would it?

Walmarts across the country, we understand, are dropping the sales of fish all together. Although many are, their are still those holding on to it. Many thousands die each week. You need to send a corporate mandate to end this in all Walmarts across the country. It has gone to far. I have complained to many times, seen too many fish die, horrific living conditions, to see it not end. I have talked to store managers, higher officials, nothing, nothing has helped at all. You guys don't care, so why are you guys still keeping it?

Please stop the cruelty of these fish. It is a health risk, animal cruelty and fraud.

Thank you.

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