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The diving horse show at the Atlantic City Steel Pier was shut down in the 1970's, but the event is set to return this summer. Riders mount horses and then dive from the tall pier into the water below. This dangerous and cruel event is terrifying for the horses and causes injury to both the animals and their riders. There is plenty of summer fun to be had at the pier without harming these horses. Please ask Atlantic City Steel Pier President Anthony Catanoso, the New Jersey Amusement Association (where he is a Director), and others in a position of influence to cancel plans to bring this event back after so many years.

Letter to
Executive Director of NJ Amusement Association Kimberle R. Samarelli
President of Atlantic City Steel Pier Anthony Catanoso
Steelman Partners Steelman Partners
and 13 others
Steel Pier Lorna Ambrose
Council President William Marsh
Council Vice-President Steven Moore
President, Chamber of Commerce Joseph Kelly
Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority Jeffrey Vasser
Jenkinson's Pavilion Frank Storino
Hoban Consulting Bob Hoban
Jersey Shore Beach & Boardwalk William Gehlhaus
Steel Pier Sharon Franz
Government Relations Ed McGlynn
Legal Counsel to NJ Amusement Association Lary I. Zucker
Mayor Lorenzo Langford
I just signed the following petition because I care about animals.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you today to ask you to cancel plans to reopen the diving horse show at the Atlantic City Steel Pier this summer.

The event was shut down in the 1970's and I hope that you will not bring a cruel and outdated show back to the Steel Pier in 2012. There are many ways for people to have summer fun at your pier without events that involve terrifying and harming animals. Riders mount these horses and then dive from the tall pier into the water below, which has caused serious injury to both the horses and riders.

Please show compassion and cancel plans to reopen the horse diving show.


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