Help Rescue 210 Trees

Help Rescue 210 Trees

June 5, 2021
Petition to
Mayor of Hillsoborough, NJ Shawn Lipani and 12 others
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Started by Thomas Gatto

Petition to Stop the Removal of Trees on Flemming Drive, Newell Street, Pitcher Way, and Runyon Street

Date: 29 May 2021 (7 June 2021)

To: Shawn Lipani, Mayor of Hillsborough Township, NJ

From: The Heritage Greens Community, Neighbors and Friends Who Oppose the Removal of Trees

This is a petition to the Mayor of Hillsborough Township to stop the removal of 210 trees that line the sidewalks in Heritage Green. The below signatures are from residents, neighbors and friends of the Heritage Greens Community who oppose sidewalk repairs that include tree removal.  We believe the Township's current sidewalk replacement plan for Flemming Drive, Newell Street, Pitcher Way, and Runyon Street is the wrong solution to fix the sidewalks and Hillsborough Township should plan an alternative approach. We are asking the Mayor to stop any plans that include removing trees or altering a tree’s structure.

These tree-lined sidewalks are part of a large neighborhood with a continuous network of walkways connecting different communities. The communities adjacent to Heritage Green that make up this neighborhood include Weybridge Place, Williamsburg Commons, Aspen Valley and the Heritage Green Apartments.  The walkways connect our parks and are used for recreation by the whole neighborhood.  Removing these trees will permanently diminish the charm of this unique Hillsborough environment.

The Township's plan is outlined in a letter from Hillsborough Assistant Township Engineer sent to the Heritage Greens Community Manager (Re: Notice to Homeowners – Sidewalk Replacement, 2021-159/ sidewalks).  The communities Board of Trustees agreed with a proposal and notified the community of the date the Township will begin cutting trees and repairing the sidewalk.  There was no due process by the Board of Trustees to hear the opinions of the community regarding the proposal. 

The signatures below are Hillsborough residents and friends that agree with the content and message of this letter. We oppose the alteration of tree structure in the Heritage Green Community and ask to stop the planned removal of them. We’re in favor of alternative solutions that preserve the health of these trees. 

Thank you for your time and commitment to keeping Hillsborough a safe and beautiful town.


The Heritage Green Community, Neighbors and Friends


This petition made change with 576 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Shawn LipaniMayor of Hillsoborough, NJ
  • Hillsborough Hillsborough Planning Director / Environmental Commission
  • Mike CarrHillsDirector of Environmental Programs
  • Chip MularoHills
  • Tom BelangerHiAsst. Township Engineer