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Stop the Removal of the Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Nest

There has been talk of removing the eagles' nest that has been at the Norfolk Botanical Garden since 2003. The Norfolk International Airport reported an incident after a female eagle was killed by an airplane. Now they are claiming the eagles are a safety risk. Strikes on the Norfolk Airport has been researched and since 1990 they have had 505 strikes, of those 505 strikes 4 were eagles.

Eagles are not the vast majority in the area. There are so many other birds that pose a bigger threat to the Airport than the eagles. What they are planning to do is remove the nest and deter the eagle from rebuilding it by any means possible including using a paintball gun (this could KILL an eagle, which is illegal to do).

He hasn't hurt anything or anyone. No planes went down because of him. 2 eagles in 10 years with 1 causing damage does not a very serious threat pose. They like most airports have hundreds of bird strikes a year and they are NOT eagles. There are ways to minimize bird strikes and THEY NEED TO LOOK INTO THAT! Please sign the petition!

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  • USDA-WS, Norfolk Airport & VA Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries

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