Stop the Recount

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Hillary Clinton stated that not accepting the result of an election is "horrifying" and a "threat to our democracy." Now both Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are involved in a crazy frenzy to get recounts in key states that Trump won, such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania - the exact states that would need to be flipped in order for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Jill Stein states that she is doing this for the "integrity" of the voting system and doing this for the citizens of the United States. Yet, there are major discrepancies and questions as to her motives. She has raised over 7 million dollars that she claims is all from individual donors. She also claims that any money left over after being used for the recount will NOT be refunded, but that she will keep it. She claims that the money is being kept in a separate bank account that can only be used for the recount effort. HOWEVER, she has provided no proof of this. She has several times raised the goal for donations, claiming that the recounts are more expensive than she originally planned. However, when Pennsylvania requested a $1 million bond for a lawsuit in which she initiated, she withdraw, refusing to pay for it with the very money she got that was supposed to be used for just that!

Enough is Enough!

Jill Stein herself admits there is NO evidence to support her claims of hacking and also states that she doesn't believe the recount will change anything. Many people don't believe her motives and don't want this recount. Yet, she persists. What is she trying to prove and how much money does she have to take from Hillary supporters in order to prove it?

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