Stop the Racist Attack on NJ's Ramapough Lenape Nation by Mahwah Govt & Polo Club!

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New Jersey's Ramapough Lenape Nation is being viciously attacked by the Township of Mahwah, NJ and the Polo Club, an elite housing development.

This attack is meant to prevent Lenape traditional practices, such as praying in the Prayer Circle, and conducting various ceremonies, which the Ramapough people have been doing on the land for decades.

In fact, a member of the Polo Club told the Chief that if the tribe refused to sell their land, "unnamed members of the Polo Club were prepared to attack the Ramapough Lenape Nation."

Stop the historical pattern and practice of genocide, civil rights violations, and illegal fines devised to force Ramapough Lenape Indians off their land at 95 Halifax Road in Mahwah, NJ!

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