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Stop the Puppy Mills! State of Connecticut; Department of Agriculture: Shutdown "The Dog House" 120 Hale Road, Manchester, CT 06040


Pet Store "breeders" are actually millers and other large-scale dog producers whose main concerns are merely to pump out as many dogs of different breeds in as short a period of time as possible. The Dog Houses' stock demands are so high they need the millers who pump out hundreds of puppies of many different breeds annually. The Dog House is also able to enjoy the convenience of purchasing all their animals from one source. Why is this important to me? My puppy, Sampson, purchased at, The Dog House, came from a puppy mill. His breeder in one year sold almost 400 puppies; thus overbreeding and inbreeding in dogs. This breeder had numerous citations from failed inspections, and at one time had 87 puppies on their property. The Dog House has received medical complaints about puppies supplied by this breeder in the past. My Sampson was going to grow with my children ages 2 & 7. My Sampson has taken two obedience courses and had a personal trainer to one day become a therapy dog. My Sampson has only one kidney and it is enlarged not functioning properly. My Sampson doesn't have a voice. However you do.

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    Representative Brenda Kupchick
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