Stop the Proposed Multi-Family Units on Woodward/Ludlow

Stop the Proposed Multi-Family Units on Woodward/Ludlow

September 11, 2022
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Mayor Stuart A. Bikson
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Started by J. Reis

12/27 The developer has submitted a new plan to the city for multi-family units. More information can be found here: It will be discussed at the February 6, 2023 Planning Commission Meeting. 

11/6/22 Edit: The packet states the development would be 106 units.

A potential development project is requesting rezoning so a four story, 107 unit building can be constructed at the location previously occupied by Solaronics. This is directly adjacent to the Paint Creek trail crossing and on a street occupied primarily by residential properties. These plans would not only impact the residents but also surrounding features such as the Rochester Park, Paint Creek Trail, and Dinosaur Hill.

This development would significantly raise traffic volume on Ludlow and Woodward, as it would more than double the amount of residences that need access to the street.  (Currently there are approximately 80 single family homes on Ludlow and Woodard.) The entrance/exit would be right next to Paint Creek Trail which is a safety concern for all. These apartments are unlike Great Oaks, which is another significant apartment complex in the area, because Great Oaks has dedicated entrances/exits on University. All traffic flow for these new proposed units would need to take place via Ludlow or Woodward. This would lead to a substantial increase of traffic on our street and a decrease in our collective property values. Many young children and families live on these residential streets. We are also concerned about the safety of our families and those traveling along the Paint Creek Trail.

At four stories, the height of the building would be above the tree line and disrupt the natural beauty of the area. It would also increase foot traffic in the Paint Creek trail area, Dinosaur Hill (offering less privacy for those that back up to the preserve), and at the Park. 

Adding an additional 107  families could also dramatically increase class sizes at the assigned elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Currently, this property is zoned as "Industrial" (I-1). We would like the area to be zoned as "Residential" (R-1). Residential zoning would allow for single family homes and/or additional green space for our community. The outside developer would like this to be zoned at "Multi-Family Residential" (RM-1) giving them the ability to move forward with their plans. This must be stopped. Allowing it to be zoned this way would allow the developer to turn in plans for condos, but change them at any time to apartments. 

Plans to look at zoning will be happening soon. The developers are set to move forward with the Rochester Planning Commission if the community does not act soon. We expect this topic will be discussed next at the next Planning Commission Meeting on November 7, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Meetings take place at City Hall, which is located at 400 Sixth Street, Rochester, MI 48307.

Please consider attending the next Planning Commission meeting.  You can sign up with the city for text alerts. Citizens may also appear at meetings through Zoom. 
Find the link on page three of this packet.

Too view the Planning Commission discuss this project at the September 6th meeting, please click here and scrub to 1hr. 09 minutes:



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Signatures: 1,422Next Goal: 1,500
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