Stop The Production Of Season 9 Of Dance Moms

Stop The Production Of Season 9 Of Dance Moms

September 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jailan Johnson

Dance Moms was a show that first aired in 2011. It featured several moms, their children, and their dance teacher in a reality show about the dance world. 

What wasn’t shown in the show was the emotional and verbal abuse that they endured through the hands of their dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller. This abuse was enabled by the network, Lifetime. Along with Collins Avenue. 

Since the show ended in season 8, some of the girls have came forward to talk about the abuse Abby Lee Miller subjected them to. 

One of the girls came forward and spoke about how Abby liked to make fun of her eye condition, which lead to her leaving the show at the end of season four after Abby told her to ‘go fix her eye’. This isn’t the first occasion where Abby made fun of a child’s appearance. 

Abby Lee Miller has also made racist comments to an African American child previously on the television program, stating that she didn’t want any, ‘Little Tooties,’ on the show. In reference to another television show named, ‘The Facts of Life’. The only African American on that show was named Tootie. 

She also made fun of another African American dancer that joined the show in season seven. She made fun of her for the tops of her feet being brown, while the bottoms were light. 

Abby Lee Miller has also made despicable comments about children’s bodies, causing several children to break down in tears. Calling them lazy slugs, making fun of a dancers thighs, calling them fat. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Abby was also sued by a former student that participated in the show, in October of 2014. In her lawsuit, she claimed to have suffered emotional abuse and claimed that she feared Abby’s violent actions would hurt her. As Abby had already thrown a chair at her. (As seen in season 2 episode 15)

Abby Lee Miller took joy in bullying one of her students in particular. She stated publicly that since that child and her mother were locked in a contract with Lifetime, then she could treat the child however she wanted without fear of the student leaving. 

Not to mention her concerning sexual comments and gestures made to, and in front of children. She kissed a minor on the mouth in one episode, and in another made a graphic hand motion while watching a dancer perform on stage at a dance competition. 

Anybody who has watched the show knows that several of Abby’s students have had panic attacks. They fear Abby. What student should fear their teacher? 

These young children were forced to dance for long hours while going to school, then going to dance competitions on the weekends. These children had so much stress out on not only their minds, but their bodies. 

There’s so much more to Abby than the producers cared to show. I encourage anybody that may see this, to check out this YouTube channel. This young woman goes into depth about the abuse, cover ups, and horrid details that these kids had to deal with at such a young age. All of her videos are backed up by solid evidence. She even has the production notes. 

All the while, Lifetime and Collins Avenue, continue to support this woman who has publicly stated that she can make a child cry in less than ten seconds. They have edited episodes to make Abby look better than she really is. 

Yet, Abby Lee Miller posted onto her Instagram about the production of season 9, 3 years after the show ended back in 2019. 

This woman doesn’t deserve a platform. Accountability needs to be held. These kids went through so much, only to need years of therapy after the show ended. 

All of these kids were trapped in by contracts that they were forced to sign last minute. They had no choice, but to stay and endure abuse at the hands of Abby Lee Miller. Their childhoods were spent being harassed, bullied, and manipulated by their dance teacher. 

All I ask of you is just a simple signature to prevent another season of that horrid show. If we can prevent more children getting into the hands of Lifetime, Collins Avenue, and Abby Lee Miller, then we have saved children years of therapy and abuse. 

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Signatures: 38Next Goal: 50
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